23 years young

today is my 23rd birthday!! i love my birthday- who doesn’t? it’s an excuse to eat cupcakes and open presents. but one of my favorite parts of my birthday is when i get to sit down and go through my goals i set for myself the year before at my birthday and make a new goal list for the upcoming year.

the past six months have been full of big life changes for me- i graduated college, moved TWICE, started a new job, bought a car and got my first apartment. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t feeling overwhelmed which is why i was especially excited to sit down last night with a cup of tea (yes, i’m drinking my tea out of my favorite minnie mouse mug) and my moleskine and set my 23 goals for the upcoming year.

How to Write a Goal List

1. read more

2. meditate once a day

3. start my own business

4. save up for a new computer

5. travel to a new country

6. write and send more snail mail

7. try more new recipes

8. develop my brand and blog 

9. journal daily

10. spend more time with friends and family disconnected from technology 

11. exercise more

12. eat healthier

13. walk more instead of driving or taking the metro

14. explore d.c. more

15. organize my apartment

16. create and stick to a budget

17. complete my first marathon

18. take a dance class- ballroom or swing please

19. buy a bicycle 

20. ride a bike to work 

21. take a kickboxing class

22. reconnect with an old friend

23. put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished

i love lists, there is something so therapeutic about crossing something off a list when i’ve completed it, goal lists are my favorite because i feel truly accomplished when i can check something off! how many of you are thinking about goals?

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