Currently Coveting: Lemon Tree
31 Days of Fall fashion

31 Days of Fall: Currently Coveting

I cleaned out my closet today! Finally. It was long overdue, but I went through everything and set aside a couple of bags of clothes to donate. It’s always a great feeling to kind of go through everything and see what I haven’t worn in months and what fits and doesn’t and just getting rid of the rest, the next step will be reorganizing my closet, that’s the hard part. So instead of working on that I’ve spent the last couple of hours putting together a fall wish list of things I’m currently coveting!

Currently Coveting: Aldo Scarf

It’s finally getting decently cold in DC and I love this scarf, it looks super soft and cozy!

Currently Coveting: Egyptian Cable Turtleneck

I’ve shared this sweater before and I really do love it, it looks so comfortable and it’s gorgeous!

Currently Coveting: Hunter Boots

I lost my Hunter boots somehow in the chaos of my many moves in the last few years. I love that these boots are lighter, and easier to bring from place to place. If you’re a traveler these are perfect!

Currently Coveting: Banana Republic Pea Coat

I realized when I was cleaning everything out that I don’t really have a winter coat, I mean I have a ski coat but nothing I can wear day to day and to the office. This jacket is another great piece from #thenewbr and I’m loving it!

Currently Coveting: Lemon Tree

This tree has absolutely nothing to do with my closet but I’ve been wanting a lemon tree for my apartment and I’m thinking about grabbing this one, what do you think?

What’s everyone else up to and what’s on your fall wish list?

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