Alive Juices A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It seems like this is the new mantra, everywhere I look people are talking about the health benefits of juicing and incorporating it into their lives. Juicing recipe books are on the front display table at Barnes & Noble, in my office a couple of people are coming in in the morning and instead of having a second cup of coffee they’re having a juice and fresh juicing companies are popping up everywhere, my newest discovery: Alive Juices. It took me a long time to try juicing but after completing my first juice cleanse back in August, I have since definitely jumped on the juicing bandwagon, making my own as often as possible and incorporating it into my daily lifestyle. A couple of weeks ago I was able to try Alive Juicesa local fresh pressed juice delivery company, they sent me a weeks worth of juices and I loved them!

Alive Juices is different than the other juiceries and juice recipe books I’ve tried, it’s all based on ancient Ayurvedic principles combined with extensive nutritional research. Last Monday I was so excited when the delivery arrived at my office, the juices arrived in this great little recyclable bag full of 8 little mason jars. At first I thought the juices were on the smaller side and I was worried that they wouldn’t be filling enough on their own for breakfast, I was so wrong!

With the juices comes a small package of Ayurvedic spices and a bag of dried fruit and nuts to snack on, I loved this because with past juice cleanses I’ve done I’ve been encouraged not to eat anything and my biggest struggle was always the need to crunch or chew something. I had my first juice, a green juice, the next morning, and was so excited at how fresh and flavorful it was, I added the pinch of spices recommended for each juice and couldn’t even taste them which was great. The juice had unbelievable flavor, usually green juices just taste like lettuce or kale or broccoli, this one had so much flavor I had to look it up to see what was in it. I think it’s great that each juice includes the Big 4 – Apples, Ginger, Garlic and Lemon, it adds great flavor when combined with the other fruits and veggies. I packed a snack for the morning on the first day before leaving for work because I thought for sure my little mason jar of juice at 7:00 am wouldn’t hold me over until lunch, around 1:00 I realized I hadn’t eaten anything, I was still relatively full from the juice, it was awesome. The following days I ate lunch earlier but still had that full and satisfies feeling. I received one of each flavor and enjoyed pretty much all of them, there were a couple I liked less than the others but I just drank those a little quicker. Overall, the flavors are great.


I think Alive is great because they seem to be more focused on long term nutritional plans, than just a reboot and maybe a juice a day. With each juice they list the health benefits and offer nutrition and weight loss plans along with their cleanses.

Overall, I highly recommend Alive Juices and am already planning my next program with them, they’re a great company to add a few more options to my regular juicing schedule.

Have you tried juicing? What are some of your favorite places?

*This post is sponsored by Alive Juices but all opinions are my own.Thank you for supporting the collaborations that make bree west possible!

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