Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

It’s a very cool and sort of surreal experience arriving in a place after dark.

After about 31 hours of traveling I arrived in Bali, having slept for about 25 of those 31 hours I arrived and was wide awake, ready to explore.

Which was rather inconvenient as it was 1:00 in the morning local time. I collected my things and got my visa then head off to find my driver.

Arrivals Hall in Bali is extremely intense, for starters it’s hot and humid as hell. And loud, even at 1 am there are people everywhere swarming around you, welcoming you to Bali, shouting to help take your bags and offer you a taxi. Thankfully I was able to find my driver quite quickly and we set off through the open air airport to find the car.

He whizzed to the hotel in the dark, I think my face was basically glued to the windows. Trying to see whatever I could as we sped around the winding roads in the pitch dark.

We arrived at Ayana and I was in awe. Y’all this place is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, the pictures just don’t do it justice.

After being greeted and having my bags whisked away to the room a lei of the most beautiful lotus flowers was placed around my neck and I was escorted to check in.

I got to the room and immediately threw the doors open and plopped myself down on the chaise on our balcony, after about an hour of being excited out of my skin I stretched out in my giant bed and settled off into sleep.

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

The next morning I woke up, just in time for sunrise (jet lag can be your friend that way sometimes) and ordered a big tray of room service breakfast. I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture before I devoured it but it was amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drink fruit juice again after this trip, nothing will compare to the fresh glasses of pineapple, guava or strawberry juices I’ve been drinking each morning.

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

Emma arrived shortly thereafter and once they had rung the ceremonial gong, presented her with a lei and made her bags disappear to the room we set off on a guided tour of the property!

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana Resort, Bali

Ayana is 90 hectares in total and comprised of two resorts, Ayana and Rimba. Both resorts have both hotel rooms and villas along with some of the most incredible pools I’ve ever seen. In addition to the resorts there is a village of condos which we didn’t see but I imagine are just as incredible.








Ayana is more traditional.







While Rimba has more of a modern edge, and incredible use of recycled wood from Balinese boats in it’s architecture.

After our tour we stripped off and pulled our bikinis on and headed straight to the beach. I couldn’t wait to jump in the turquoise waters and float around all afternoon.

The beach, not surprisingly, didn’t disappoint.

We stretched out on a giant bed type thing, and spent the afternoon alternating between sun bathing and splashing in the waves while we waited for Mikku to arrive.




The next few days we spent catching up by the pool, exploring the resort and enjoying some seriously amazing pool with even more amazing views.



A girls getaway has been just what I’ve needed, and it makes it even better that it’s with people who live far away that I don’t get to see often.


Staying at Ayana was the perfect way to ease into the 12 hour time difference, we were allowed to relax and lounge and not have to stress about going anywhere on any type of schedule. The best way to start a trip in Paradise. We had so much fun at Ayana and I can’t wait until I can come back to this magical place, thank you so much Ayana for such a wonderful stay!

Ayana Resort, Bali

After 4 days we were ready to move on to our next home on Gili Trawangan, so with lotus flower leis and in our hair we said good bye and hopped in a car to head to the harbor in Padang Bai.

More on that tomorrow!

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