Bali Suggestions and Recommendations

Bali Suggestions and Recommendations

I can’t believe I’m leaving for my trip to Bali in 10 days! I feel like the last 12 weeks have gone by so quickly and now this trip that I’ve been planning and talking about since November is right around the corner! Eeek! So exciting.

Bali Suggestions and Recommendationsvia

I have a lot of really amazing things planned already, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Get ready for lots of pictures and posts all about the wonders of this amazing country! In the meantime, while I’m finishing up my itinerary (23 days is a long time, I plan to see as much as possible) I’m turning to you for some Bali suggestions and recommendations!

Have you or someone you know been to Bali? What do I have to do/see/eat and where are the absolute don’t miss spots?

I’d love to hear any of your input! If you have any friends who have been there, pass this along to them because I’d love to hear from them! If you don’t have any Bali suggestions and recommendations, don’t worry: after my trip you’ll be armed with probably more ideas than you want or need from my posts and some of the amazing partnerships I’ve lined up! Hopefully, you’ll be booking a flight before I even leave!

If you can’t wait until I start blogging about my trip, go ahead and follow along on Instagram. I’ll be posting pretty much from the moment I land to the moment I leave!

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