best of sochi opening ceremony

love the olympics, its just such a fun time when the whole world seems to kind of come together and be united. maybe i’m off base but that’s always the vibe i’ve gotten from them! one of my favorite parts of the whole olympics is watching the various countries come out and wave to the world during the opening ceremony. maybe it’s just that i’ve never paid too much attention in previous winter olympics but it seems that this year was the year of the awesome knitwear, from amazingly patriotic sweaters that were only missing ‘merica somewhere on them to some pretty bright hats i was loving it, but my absolute favorite had to be team USA! i mean who doesn’t love love love those sweaters…




slovakia, although very simple looked great!


and here’s estonia with some truly adorable huskies…


i love love love lithuania’s hats, i don’t know why but i think they’re great


overall everyone looked great and despite that one pesky olympic ring not opening it was a great kick off the olympics!

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