Best Olympic Commercials

I know I said my Nantucket travel guide would be up yesterday but I was far too exhausted last night so unfortunately it won’t be up until next week! I also had another post planned for today but was watching the Olympics last night and started having a great conversations about all the best Olympic commercials and thought it was a lot more fun than talking about summer sales (don’t worry those will all be up tomorrow!)

I know everyone raves about The Superbowl commercials but honestly, there are only so many “puppymonkeybaby” or weird Doritos commercials I can watch before getting super bored. You know what I haven’t gotten bored of yet, though? All the killer commercials surrounding the Olympics this year!

I love the Olympics a lot. I think the amazing sportsmanship and camaraderie (maybe excluding Michael Phelps trying to  kill le Clos with his eyes the other night) we see year after year is just amazing. It’s a time when the entire world comes together, puts aside differences and hate to just truly celebrate each others incredible athletic ability. When competition isn’t the most important thing, but instead it seems that everyone is cheering each other on. It’s the stories like this one, that really show the Olympic spirit and get me each Olympics, when someone falls down and someone else stops and yells “get up, get up! We have to finish!”  In the world we’re living in where there are so many horrible things happening every day it’s nice to have a few weeks where all that hate and anger toward each other seems to subside for a little while.

Also the commercials are awesome. Here are, in my opinion at least, the best Olympic commercials from this year!

1 // Michael Phelps for Under Armour, I think Michael Phelps has done an amazing job showing the world that he has grown up a lot in the last 4 years. For us swimmers it’s been truly incredible to watch his journey over the past 16 years, I think he’s paved the way for and in a lot of ways put swimming on the map. I love the sentiment behind this commercial but also just seeing, kind of, the end of his journey!

2 // This Bridgestone Tire commercial, I don’t know why but I love it

3 // I still think the last “thank you Mom” was better, but this one is still a favorite this year.

4 // The coolest carpool around, thanks to Visa

5 // You know it’s good when a McDonald’s commercial is making you emotional

6// While I hate United, I kind of love this!

7 // The commercial that sparked this whole post, I’m a sucker for these multilingual song commercials and this one is no different. We were watching it and it was so good and had us all totally captivated us and we were joking that it was probably like a Coke or fast food ad and then it turned out to be Samsung ad. And it’s awesome, I think the slogan is perfect and really speaks to exactly why I love the Olympics so much!

8 // It’s a hard decision between the Samsung, Michael Phelps and this commercial because I love them all so much. Maybe it’s because it’s one of my favorite songs but I think it’s more likely that Coca-Cola just has a seriously ridiculous marketing team. Side note: every time I see a Coca-cola commercial, and subsequently think about how amazing it is, I think of Mad Men which might make me a little biased.

What do you think are the best olympic commercials?

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