Blogging 101: Building Community

building community

Building community is so hugely important for blogging, it’s why most of us get started in the first place. To connect with other people, people we’ve never met. To reach them with our words, our ideas and hear what theirs are in return! Connecting with y’all have been some of my absolute moments over these last two years. Whether it’s been over email, comments and social media or in person at meet-ups and events, I absolutely love getting to know you! There are a few different ways of building community through your blog or small business!


I cannot stress enough the importance of responding to comments. If someone takes the time to read one of your posts and reach out to share their thoughts and reactions the least you can do is take a minute or two to thank them and respond! We’re not perfect and we all miss a comment or two every now and then, but make sure you do your best to respond to as many comments as you can!

Social Media

Social media is your most powerful tool when it comes to building community! Use it, reach out to people, communicate, connect, engage. Do not just get on social media and drop your links to your blog posts or business non stop, engage with your followers and engage with people you want to be your followers!


Networking online with comments and social media is super important but so is networking in person! Find other bloggers and small business owners in your area and start emailing them all. Set up coffees, drinks, dinner, brunch, pick their brains, get to know them and work with them!

Not only will you make amazing friends who are working hard to achieve goals so similar to your own, but you’ll also be building an entirely different community. Your community of blogger and business owners will become your biggest support system when something goes wrong and your biggest group of cheerleaders when something goes right!

Building community can be hard when you’re sitting behind a computer screen watching numbers go up and down by a few every week, it’s easy to get discouraged and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s no easy trick that’s going to build you a massive community overnight, it takes hard work and authentic engagement with your audience. But with these three tips you’ll be on your way!

Thanks for sticking with me and helping me build this amazing community, I don’t thank y’all enough for the support you’ve given me over the last couple of years!


Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

I respond to many comments, but not all of them. I love all of your tips :)


Great info. I try to be good about responding to comment but it can quickly get out of hand so I just try to do as much as I can and not stress

dana vento

I feel it is better for the blogging community that is when I respond I type in their words used in the title. When I can write back I do, but many of the comments are not long enough to make a difference

bree west

True, it can be hard to respond to some of the comments we receive but I think even the smallest interaction can still be important!


These are great tips. I agree about responding to comments. It’s nice to see that your comment got a reply when you come back to visit the blog again.

Elizabeth O.

When you’re a blogger, it’s important to interact and engage with fellow bloggers and of course, your readers too. These platforms would definitely help you with that.


Great tips! I agree about social media, its an amazing tool that must be used! I respond to comments when I can but I get so many on my blog that it would take a very long time!

Hector Culver

Bree, we meet at Jeff Johnson’s in Erendira several months ago in 2015. I got a Blog and it’s been dead in the water for a couple of months since I started it! I’m a bit bummed about the hidden cost of having a great site, each time I log on someone tells me I need something else for my site to be legit, perhaps they are right and I’m just not too sure if I will be able to dedicate myself to such an great experience and hold up my end of the deal by posting on a consisting basis.
Your Blog motivated me to start my own so I will go back to my blog and see if I can make heads or tails out of it this week-end, if I do anything positive I will send you my website for you to see and if you like to comment, however, I haven’t establish any new emails with the blog, please use my personal email.
By the way, I decided to take your advice and travel, I booked a 15 day tour of Italy in April of 2016, for myself and my wife, Pattii, we’re excited and anxiously looking forward to it!


I literally spend hours every day responding to and commenting on blogs! It is a great way to connecting. Your last tip is what’s outstanding for me.

Jennifer Clay

It takes time and hard work to build up your engagement. I have had my site for a little over 4 years and I am still learning new techniques every single day.


This is fantastic advice. Responding to comments is a great way to build community with readers. Commenting on other blogs is a great way to connect with others too.

Rebecca Swenor

These are all great ideas for building a community for your blog or business. I love the networking in person idea with others in your area. It is so important to respond to each comment to build the community because it shows you are listening.

bree west

I couldn’t agree more, some of my best friends irl right now I met at blogging events! And responding to comments doesn’t take long and I feel like it’s so appreciated. I love when I can interact with other bloggers this way!


Thanks for sharing. Indeed trying to improve your game can be a challenge but building those friendships is the nice part


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