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Blogging 101: Getting Started

getting started

When I was first getting started with bree west I was so overwhelmed, there is so much information, so many crazy talented bloggers and I didn’t really know much of anything. It can be hard when you’re trying to figure out exactly what to do when you’re getting started. The best thing you can do is step back and start from the beginning with the basics!

Why are you starting a blog?

This is a really important question to ask, what’s your goal? Are you looking for a creative outlet from your day job like I was? Are you looking to make a career out of your blog? What’s your why? Figure it out and write it down, and keep it somewhere that you can go back to every time you are trying to make a decision! Reevaluate your goal every 6 or so months and see how you can make it better to keep pushing yourself!

Start writing!

The next thing is to start writing, write anything, a post, a list of post ideas, anything to get your creative juices flowing. It’s okay if you are hesitant to post or if you don’t think it’s all that great, when I wrote my first post I figured there would probably be 5 people max that read it, as I continued writing I found my voice more and my topic. The more you write the more you will figure out just exactly what your topic is, what you want to write about and then make a plan from there!

It’s okay to make mistakes!

Try everything, if you think it will work, if you’re not sure just go for it! Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail. When you’re first getting started and you don’t have too many eyes on your blog that’s the time to take chances and experiment a lot! Almost two years later I’m so embarrassed by some of my earlier posts, and two years from now I’m sure I’ll look back at my more recent posts and be embarrassed by those too! It’s okay, your blog should be a reflection of you and show your growth and journey through life! It’s okay to make mistakes.

Evolution is a good thing!

Your blog is allowed to evolve, and it should evolve. The more you blog and figure out what your goals are, long term and short term things are going to change and that’s okay. It’s more important to stay authentic than it is to stay with one singular topic, so if you came in as a fashion blogger and you move more toward travel or beauty that’s okay. When I first started bree west I never thought I’d be launching an entire series full of blogging tips and I definitely didn’t think I’ve be starting my own consulting business or changing my career path to be more in line with blogging!

Stay true to yourself, remember that when everything is so overwhelming that you feel like you want to quit just step back and take a deep breath, stay true and authentic to your voice!

Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Happy October everyone! Can you believe it’s already October? It’s bizarre being in California and being able to go swimming every day still this late in the year, spoiler alert y’all: palm trees don’t change colors! But I’m back in DC this weekend for a few events so I’m getting a little taste of sweater weather  to hold me over and I’m super excited!

Remember last October when I did the 31 Days of Fall series? This October, I’m participating in the 31 Days of Writing challenge again but I’m going to be doing something I’ve been hinting at for quite a while and do 31 days of Blogging 101! I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and in the last few months have been lucky enough to blog full time, I’ve received a lot of questions about blogging and how I got started, things I’ve learned along the way and what my advice is. I’m by no means the expert on the topic, I still have a lot to learn myself, but I’m excited to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned with y’all!

I’ll be sharing different tips and tricks I’ve learned while blogging, and covering topics that include blogging 101, Instagram tips and tips on how to work with brands! I also have some other little surprises that coming along throughout the month, including new advertising space and blog and social media consulting!! If there’s something you’d like to see please shoot me a message or leave a comment below!

I’ll be linking each post here so bookmark this page, pop your email in over there, and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you never miss an update!

For those of you who have absolutely no interest in hearing me ramble on about blogging don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing my normal three posts a week! It’s going to be a big month and I am so excited!

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31 Things

31 Things

I have writers block. Well that’s not entirely true, I have been writing all day prepping for my October 31 days series, which will be a little different than last years but I can’t wait! But it seems that I used pretty much all of my creativity today working on that and I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to come up with a half way decent post to share with y’all for today.

I’m exhausted from the move in the last week, I’m still figuring out my new routine and I’m getting started in a new job and I really just want to go to sleep on my air mattress (because I have been sleeping on the floor for a week, probably part of the exhaustion) so I’m going to do something a little different today! My old babysitter who is basically my big sister is a writer too and earlier this summer she told me that when she was in college and had writers block she would make lists of things to help get over it. I can’t remember exactly but I think she said she would make a list of 31 things, so since I’m sleepy and completely drained creatively here’s my list of 31 things floating around in my head right now.

1. I am loving my new city
2. I can’t wait to get my gallery wall off the floor and on the wall
3. Swimming in the ocean daily is good for the soul
4. I’m drooling over gold and acrylic right now
5. I can’t wait to sleep on a mattress tonight, even if it’s inflatable
6. I can’t get enough of my new skincare products
7. As much as I love CA I’m kind of wishing for sweater weather
8. So I can wear my blanket scarves and booties
9. I also want to eat and make pumpkin everything
10. Succulents are the cutest plants ever
11. I’m becoming a pro at packing and living out of a suitcase
12. And my wardrobe is becoming pretty small as a result
13. I’ve found the absolute best travel snacks
14. I need a new camera
15. I have to update my 101 in 1001
16. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my time in DC
17. And I’m getting really excited to see what this new adventure has in store for me
18. I’m falling back in love with Pinterest
19. I’ve been reading a ton
20. I’m on a health kick (again) and this one might actually stick
21. I’m excited to get into a routine and see what a day in the life is like on the West Coast
22. I have a new hair routine that I’m hoping will help with my breaking hair
23. I think pretty notebooks help me stay motivated
24. I’m still toying with the idea of doing a vlog
25. I love the J.Crew daily sales they have this week
26. Transitions can be hard and stressful
27. Instagram is the most inspiring part of my day
28. I need to organize my purse, it’s turned into a black hole
29. My Instagram feed is turning into a collage of sunsets and oceans, I’m going to challenge myself to have a little more variety
30. I did some goal setting the other day and I can’t wait to start checking them off
31. I can’t wait to share some of my blogging tips with y’all later this week

As I was writing this list I noticed that a lot of them could easily turn into posts, it’s amazing what putting pen to paper (actual pen to actual paper) can do to help get the creative juices moving again when you’re stuck. I’d love to hear what y’all do to help beat writers block!