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Living Room Design with Havenly

Coming back to DC was a big deal for me, and it felt a lot different than all my previous moves. It wasn’t a decision I made on a whim, it wasn’t because I was trying to get away from something and I didn’t make the decision because I felt like it was my only option. I chose DC because I loved this city and at this point in my life it feels the most like home.


So when I did move back it was really important that my apartment reflected all those feelings. Everywhere I’ve lived in since college has been patch worked together with hand-me-down furniture and nothing on the walls. I never really took the time to make any of my spaces feel like home because I was always on the go, still looking for where home really was. This time around I wanted to come home at the end of the day to an apartment that felt like me.



For my living room design I wanted to create a space that is bright and airy where I could have people over, but also comfortably spend the weekend on my couch for an epic Netflix binge with an Olivia Pope size wine glass full of red wine. I couldn’t quite figure out how to bring that to life, enter Havenly.



couch // chair // pillows // lumbar pillow // blanket // end table // lamp & shade // my coffee table is a DIY, love this one // kiwi bird // candles // candle sticks // garden stool // art  // flowers c/o Urban Stems // rug


I love a lot of things about my new living room design, but I have to say this little seating space and the bar cart might be my favorites. *everything is linked at the throughout the post for you to shop!*



table // chairs // gallery wall c/o Framebridge // flowers c/o Urban Stems

bar cart – on sale!! // marble tray // coasters // lemon squeezer // wine glasses

Havenly is an online interior design company (they have an app now too!!) that matches people like me with people far more talented than me to help bring all their design dreams to life. I chose to work with Michelle for my living room design and she absolutely nailed exactly what I wanted from my very confusing and less than organized explanation of what I envisioned the living room looking like. After you match with a designer you have the opportunity to chat about the feel you’re looking for and most importantly your budget. Then you get to fill out the questionnaire which is really just a whole bunch of open ended questions where you can pretend you have a clue about what you’re talking about and ramble about your hopes and dreams for the space. After uploading your room dimensions and some pictures, your designer gets to work and pulls together 2 concepts for you to choose from.



I pulled elements from both and made a few changes here and there to incorporate pieces I already had and wanted to keep and after what seemed like a million exmails between me and my extremely patient designer, we settled on the final design.



The best part of Havenly, isn’t just the incredible ability the designers have to bring exactly what you’re imagining in your head to life, it’s the shopping experience. Once you finalize your design you get to start the shopping which for any normal home decor project means going to a million different websites and placing a million different orders. With Havenly, everything is curated into one shopping collection for you and you can add everything you want to the shopping cart and place your order. Then the magical fairies at Havenly customer service place all your individual orders, send you shipping confirmations and receipts and all you have to do is sit back and wait for everything to arrive, and then put it all together, but even that doesn’t seem so bad when the shopping process is so easy.



living room design

chandelier // stools // media console // ginger jar


sweater // jeans c/o LL Bean // heels

There are a couple different ways you can work with Havenly, and they’re offering all of you a little something to make bringing your dream home to life a little easier. Use the code “BREE” at checkout to receive 20% off one of their design packages.

I really love coming home at the end of the day to a space that feels like it is 100% me. I’m so lucky to have worked with such an amazing designer that really got it and helped me turn my house into a home and create a space that I genuinely love.

this post was in partnership with Havenly, thank you for supporting the brands that help keep this little blog going
photos by laura

September in Review + October Goals

September in Review + October Goals

September was insane, what is usually one of my favorite months of the year was just an absolute whirlwind and I feel like I didn’t get to enjoy it at all! I blinked and it was gone. Not necessarily a bad thing, busy is good in my mind, and I was definitely busy. I’m feeling a bit more settled into my job, I am starting to get a better grasp on my clients and what I actually do at the firm, thankfully. I also wrapped up a really successful week long campaign that I have been working really hard on, pretty much since the day I started!

September in Review + October Goals

It was a really fun month despite the craziness at work! I definitely took full advantage of the great weather we had and did a ton. Maine at the beginning of the month was so much fun! And then a couple weeks ago a friend had another friend visiting from Charleston, we spent the weekend brunching at the apartment, hitting a Gatsby party, H St festival, touring DC by bike, plus a few museums. To finish off the month I hit some DC breweries (I didn’t really know that was even a thing until this summer) on a bike tour last weekend with a group of friends! It was a very, very full and extremely fun month!

I’m excited that fall is finally here, it’s cooling off and the pumpkins, mums and sunflowers have invaded every grocery store in the city. I don’t hate it, at all. With fall comes October goals, I’ve been trying to do this every month for the last 4 or so and I have to say it’s a really good way to track things that play into bigger goals I have set for the year.

October Goals

blogging // Blogging took a backseat this month, yet again. I took some serious steps this month to avoid that from happening again though and I’m really hoping that this new work-blog-life balance is going to work out. This space makes me happier than pretty much anything else and y’all are the biggest reason for that, so I’m sorry for putting you on the back burner and thank you so much for sticking with me. I promise to be better :)

eating // I was doing well there for a little while, saving money, cooking my own meals. That completely went out the window last month and I’m going to work really hard to get back on track. I’m working with an absolutely incredible wellness coach, more on this on Wednesday, and she’s really been helping me to kind of figure out easy ways to help keep me on track! I can’t wait to share a few with you!

exercise // Much like the whole eating thing, this month I’m really trying to get back on track.

work // Work kicked my butt last month. I’m really enjoying my new job and this month will be another month of trying to get my bearings and work on this whole work-life balance thing everyone keeps talking about.

Do you have any big October goals?

Project Apartment – Window Inspiration

The apartment is finally coming together and I can’t wait to share some of it with you in the next couple of weeks! It’s still a work in progress and there’s definitely still a lot of work to be done, but I’m hoping with my parents visit at the end of the week it will be mostly finished!

Two of the things that have driven me absolutely insane about this apartment since I bought it are the light fixtures and the window treatments. Both are relatively easy things to change but I wanted to make sure whatever I changed them to were perfect so I’ve held off. Now that things are coming together I have been looking for window inspiration everywhere. 

window inspiration

window inspiration images via Pinterest

think I’ve settled on plantation shutters, I love how they seem to brighten up a space. they let in enough light (remember how important light is for project apartment?) while still offering a ton of privacy.

I’m on the fence about curtains, I have amazing moulding on my windows that goes right up to the ceiling so I’m having a hard time figuring out where to hang them. If you have some advice on how to hang curtains on windows like this or if you think I should skip them all together I’d love to hear it!