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July in Review + August Goals

Well it’s officially August, which means DC pretty much becomes a ghost town, it’s really hot and there are a lot of ice cream socials. Everything slows down during August recess, partially because it’s so darn hot, partially because so many people take advantage of recess and get out of the city. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it, the restaurants are emptier and the traffic is significantly lighter so I’m not complaining.

July in Review + August Goals

July was a little lazier than the earlier summer months, I spent most of it finishing unpacking and working on project apartment (it’s really coming along, can’t wait to share a little bit of it soon!) I spent a weekend in Boston at my sister’s graduation party, I can’t believe she starts her first post grad job as a nurse tomorrow!! I also spent a week hanging out in Baltimore with family friends. But the best part of July was hands down when I GOT A JOB!

It’s been quite the process since moving back to DC but I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and while I wish the process had been a little bit quicker (I started applying for jobs back in March!) I am so beyond thrilled to have landed where I did. I started last week and I already feel more settled and am really excited about the company and the position! July in Review + August Goals

I finished out the month with a quick trip to Nantucket with my family to visit our best family friends, it was such a fun weekend. I always leave the island with such a full heart, I am so blessed to be able to spend time with the people who matter the most to me in such a beautiful place. While Nantucket is one of my favorite places in the world, I just don’t think a trip to the island would be the same without the love that comes with being there with family

It was a great month, I feel like I finally have my blogging groove back and I’m headed to Charleston next week for The Blog Societies Conference which I have a feeling is going to kick me into high gear. I’m so excited to spend a few days in The Holy City with all my blogging pals!

August Goals

1 // exercise: I feel like I laid a pretty good groundwork in July, I’m using Class Pass which I love (would anyone be interested in a post on this?) but I need to get my butt into shape, Marine Corps Marathon is in 3 months and I am no way near ready

2 // work: I am really excited to be working again and I plan to throw myself into it big time over the next few months.

3 // wake up: I think I may have taken advantage of the ability to sleep in a little too much. I was so exhausted last week and I have a feeling this week will be no different. This month is going to be all about getting reacquainted with early mornings, any tips for me?

Rabbit, rabbit and happy August

Kick Off Your Week on the Right Foot

So I had planned for this post to go up first thing this morning, writing and scheduling it was at the top of my to-do list for Sunday and then my Sunday was a kind of hijacked so I’ve spent most of today playing catch-up, and here we are. Which is a tad funny considering the entire post is about how to have a productive Sunday to kick off your week on the right foot.

Kick Off Your Week on the Right Foot

I love Sunday fun day as much as the next person and have definitely been known to enjoy an all day brunch with friends but I’ve also found that the best way to kick off your week on the right foot is spending Sunday getting sh*t done. It’s amazing how a few simple additions to my Sunday can make such a huge difference in pretty much every aspect of my week! Here are a few things I’ve found make my Monday a lot less miserable.

Grocery Shopping // Most of the time my refrigerator is embarrassingly empty, the only things you’ll usually find in there is a couple of lemons, some mustard and a to-go container of some sort. I am an epic failure when it comes to grocery shopping, but when I take a little bit of time on Sundays to meal plan and get my butt to the grocery store it makes all the difference. Not only do I feel a million times better throughout the week, because I’m eating more produce and home cooked meals, I also save a ton of money on takeout!

Cleaning // Starting the week with a clean apartment makes all the difference for me, I feel so much more relaxed and focused in an organized space. I also don’t end up being so frustrated by the lack of organization that halfway through the week at 11:30 at night I end up spending 2 hours cleaning and organizing. everything in sight (which happens more than I care to admit, last night included). Spending some time cleaning, organizing and doing laundry helps me to set the tone for the week. When I’m organized and there’s no clutter distracting me I can keep a clear mind and stay focused.

Look at the calendar // Something I started doing while I was at Target was checking my calendar and inbox on Sunday night right after dinner and it has made all the difference. I take a look at my calendar for the week and make a to-do list then take a few minutes to go through my inbox so on Monday morning I’m not completely overwhelmed. Once that’s done I’ll add anything else to my to-do list that wasn’t on my calendar and prioritize what needs to be done first thing on Monday and what can wait till later in the week!

Get Moving // If I skip a run on Sundays I can almost promise you I’m going to run less (if at all) for the rest of the week. I don’t know what it is about it but getting myself up and moving on a Sunday but it helps motivate me to keep it going and exercise more consistently throughout the week! If I’m not in a training plan for a race then I’ll spend some time booking classes I’m going to take ahead of time to make sure my workouts are scheduled for the week. I’ve found that making exercise a priority clears my mind and helps me focus more, be more productive and sleep better during the week!

Head to bed early // This one is probably the most important one for me. When I get into bed early and get a solid night sleep so I can wake up early on Monday it is a total game changer for the rest of the week. I try to unplug and get into bed on the early side on Sundays, leaving technology in my living room and grabbing a book helps me to unwind and get into the right mindset to kick off the week on the right foot.

What are your tricks to kick off your week on the right foot?

Why I Still Keep a Journal

Why I Still Keep a Journal

Did anyone else have a journal when they were growing up? I know I did, well I actually had a lot of journals, like a lot. I don’t remember who got me started journaling, probably my dad or my old babysitter, Courtney, but my first memory of wanting to journal was after a family vacation in 4th grade. And I’ve kept one ever since.

I used to write every night, as I’ve gotten older that’s changed, while there are still times I write every day (or almost every day), I also go through long periods without writing at all, but it’s definitely something that’s still a big part of my life. I credit my love for writing to whoever gave me my first journal, but aside from learning to love writing, there are so many reasons why I still keep a journal.

Meditation // There’s something extremely meditative about sitting down with a pen and a journal and actually writing. It’s an excellent way to clear your mind, almost like you’re sharing your thoughts with someone else. When there’s a lot going on in my life, or I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed or upset about something I find that grabbing a pen and writing it out is the only way to get it off my mind.

Reflection // Every time I pack/unpack from moving or go through old stuff at my parents house I inevitably find a journal and I love looking back through them. There are so many memories in them and I love being able to reflect on what I was going through when I sat down to write that day. My favorite journals are from my travels. I find that trips often turn into a blur in my memory, with the highlights sticking out, but when I journal during a trip I am as detailed as possible so going back through these and remembering everything from what I ate to what I saw that day is so enjoyable for me.

Unplug // this one is huge for me, my journals have always been hand written, so when I sit down to write it’s a time that I can completely unplug and wind down before going to sleep. Not only does it help me get into a better mindset before bed but it also, gets my eyes away from a screen and gives me a little break from social media, checking emails or texting and helps me relax at the end of the day.

Dream // One of the biggest reasons why I still keep a journal, especially during the past couple of years, is to track my dreams and goals. Journaling doesn’t have to be all about the past and your feelings. For me a huge part of journaling has been looking at the future, keeping inspiration and motivation nearby and helping me to set and reach my goals.

What about you, do you still keep a journal?