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one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is a tradition my family has always stuck with. before we eat and after we say grace we all go around the table and have to say what we’re thankful for. being away from home this year (only the second time in my life!!) i’m hoping to bring that tradition to j’s family. i love doing this so much because it’s a minute when we all stop the craziness, stop worrying about the black friday deals (that now start on thursday night), which football teams are winning, work, everyone stops and comes together before shoving their faces (probably my second favorite part of the day) and stops to think about all the amazing things we have to be thankful for.

so since i can never seem to limit myself to just one thing i’ll share them all with you, this year i am thankful for:

1. family and friends

i have the worlds best family and coming from a small town in massachusetts, my friends from home have become part of that family. and if that wasn’t enough my friends in d.c. have become my family away from family helping me to create a home and a life in what can be kind of a crazy city. they are all such supportive incredible people that i know i can count on no matter what but aren’t afraid to bring me back down to earth and give me a reality check when i need it.

i am also fortunate enough to have friends around the world from when i travelled abroad who are always willing to put a roof over my head when traveling and who have each shared a little piece of themselves and their culture with me making me the person i am today.

2. my new job

love love love my new job. i feel so fortunate to have stumbled into this position because i’m doing something i truly enjoy working with a group of incredibly smart, talented and kind people who are helping me to grow not only in my position but also in my life, while also teaching me so much about life and the dreaded real world.

3. the roof over my head and food on my plate

i have been making an effort to volunteer more in my community and one of my goals for 2014 is to volunteer at one of the soup kitchens in d.c.. we are all so lucky for some of the staples we enjoy that i think we sometime take for granted so this year i’m taking an extra moment to remember how fortunate i am to have a warm roof over my head and ample food on my plate because there are far too many good people in this world who are not so fortunate.

5. my education

hate school, i am possibly the least academic person i know. not to say i’m not good at school, because i’m okay but goodness do i hate it. with that said i am so grateful to have gotten the amazing education that i just completed in may! i couldn’t do half the things i see in my future without it. not to mention all the amazing people i met while getting my degree.

6. the freedom to come together and celebrate this day

finally i am so thankful for the freedom that men and women from around this country are fighting to protect. we are able to come together, people of all colors, backgrounds, religions and cultures to celebrate the many things that people in other parts of the world are not fortunate enough to have.

so hold your family and friends tight this thanksgiving and remember all the things we have to be thankful for. what are you thankful for this thanksgiving?

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how to make a hair bow barrette

i love bows, in fact i think bows should be included in as many outfits as possible. right now i’m loving kate spade’s amazing bows especially the skinny mini bow ring, the highline heels and the beacon court jeanne.

as i’ve gotten older i’ve moved away from wearing hair bows every day but i still love them every once in a while to complete or add to an outfit. buying hair bows can get really expensive after a while, so about a year ago i learned how to make my own, on my lazy saturday post i mentioned that i would post a tutorial on how i make my hair bows. it’s really very easy and doesn’t require much.

 bow materials

you’ll need:

1 1/2″ grossgrain ribbon

a ruler


a fabric marker or sharpie

a needle and thread

fray check

hot glue


bow instructionsmeasure 36″ of the ribbon

DSC01946cut 5″ off and put to the side, save this for the end

DSC01949measure 3 1/2″ and mark the ribbon with the fabric marker, then make another mark 6″ away, continue marking it every 6″ leaving 3 1/2″ at the end, there should be 5 lines total. this might bleed through to the other side of the ribbon, don’t worry about it.


DSC01951double thread your needle and use it to stitch the ribbon along the first line using a running stitch, starting at the bottom of the ribbon.

DSC01952fold your ribbon over and match the bottom of the next line up with the top of the first stitched line- notice you will be stitching on the wrong side of the ribbon. continue doing this until all 5 lines are stitched together.

DSC01955once this is done gently pull on the thread to gather the ribbon and shape the bow.

DSC01958shape the bow until you are happy with it then cut the ends of the ribbon, i chose to do a ‘v’ shape but you can leave them as is or angle them- whatever floats your boat. make sure you use the fray check on the ends once you cut them!

DSC01961once this is done use the 5″ piece that we put aside at the beginning, fold it in thirds and wrap it around the center of the bow. put a small bit of hot glue on the front and back to secure the wrapped piece.

DSC01963finally attach the barrette to the back using the hot glue

DSC01964and viola! you have an awesome hair bow!


send me pictures of yours and let me know how they came out!

is glam glow worth the price?

how many of you have heard of glamglow but held off on getting it because of the price? i definitely fall into that group and had been toying with ordering glamglow super mud clearing treatment for about a year and a half now, i had seen the videos and heard people completely rave about it but i wasn’t quite ready to spend the $69 on the teeny jar. the short answer is absolutely 100% yes.

the longer answer: i finally caved in late august and bought my glamglow from sephora, i was super excited to use it but my face was in pretty good shape so because of it’s small size i decided to wait until i needed it. my cousins wedding was in mid september so i figured i’d test it out the week before. the results: amazing

my skin was the clearest it’s ever been, not a black head in sight, my overall skin tone had evened out and my skin was so soft i couldn’t get over it, also the name is fitting as your skin does seem to actually glow when you’re finished. when i put it on it immediately started to dry and my face felt tight, i could barely smile or make any facial expressions. i left it on until it dried which was about 7-8 minutes and then began the worst part of the whole process- washing it off. while it was on i could see the mask pulling any junk out of my pores and creating little dots all over my face. you can see a video of this process on their website. the best part of the entire thing is i’ve since used it at least once a week, sometimes twice and i still have a little more than half my jar left!

overall, i think it is defintely worth it but that’s just my opinion, i’d love to hear from some of you about your experiences or hesitations surrounding the magic mud mask!