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friday five: fourth of july

happy fourth of july! this is one of my favorite holidays of the year, it’s always so much fun, the cookouts, day drinking, fireworks and picnics and i don’t know if it’s the booze or the fact that it’s america’s birthday but everyone just seems to be in a better mood on the fourth!

anyway, here are my friday five for this fourth of july!


1. 10 vegetarian options for the 4th from the san antonio current. who say’s just because you’re at cookouts you can’t eat well? some of these look amazing.


2. last year i spent the fourth at disney, it was by far the best fireworks show i’ve ever seen, i’m very excited to see the fireworks over the mall this year though.


3. buzzfeed has put together a pretty amazing list of patriotic cocktails here.


4. i love this outfit that mackenzie, from design darling, put together. those shorts are too cute and she looks so comfortable!

okay so this is only four but it is the fourth so we’ll leave it at that, happy birthday america! i hope y’all have a safe and fun fourth of july this year, come back tomorrow and let me know what you did!

friday five: on my radar

thank goodness it’s friday. maybe it’s the heat, maybe i’m still tired from firefly, whatever it is this week has felt never ending and i am so happy it’s finally over (well after this last work day that is!) i am so excited to have a couple of days just to chill this weekend, what are you up to this weekend anything fun?

to wrap up this week here are a few things on my radar. enjoy!

1. #shinestrong: pantene has put out another awesome ad empowering women and it’s sparking some really interesting conversations. i definitely over-apologize, it’s become almost a verbal tic at this point! saying sorry and apologizing should only happen when you have something to be truly sorry about! check out the ad and post your comments, do you over apologize?

2.  le diplomate brunch. i have been wanting to try this place for months and i’m finally going on sunday. i cannot wait. i’ll be sure to let y’all know how it was next week!

Le Diplomate3. i really want a bike, i hate the metro and i can’t afford to keep parking at work every day! plus it’s great exercise to bike to work and other places in the city, i’ve been thinking about it for about a year now and i think with the move coming up i might just bite the bullet and get one. any recommendations? i love this one but it’s a tad over budget ha!

4. one of the things on my 101 in 1001 list is to take a photography class and actually learn how to use the new camera my parents gave me for graduation. i also really want to take an iphone photography class. i’ve been looking at capital photography center and they have some really awesome classes this summer, i think i’m going to try and take one or two. follow me on instagram and pinterest to see the results!

5. bethany kelm from b.krafty. bethany and i connected on facebook earlier this week and she is too sweet! i love her blog b.krafty and all of her amazing artwork. stay posted for an exciting giveaway we are putting together for y’all!