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{travel bug} home sweet home

This past weekend I headed up north to the North Shore of MA to spend a weekend at home and see my family. My dad was away so Mum, Alli and I got to have a nice girls’ weekend!

home sweet home chinese food

We started the weekend off with some Chinese food: it was delicious and fixed a major craving for Chinese that both Alli and I had! Mum and I ordered fruity drinks that came in the cutest little ceramic pineapples!


Saturday I had coffee with Mckenzie who was also home for the weekend before heading off to get my hair done! I had my hair colored this summer and they bleached it and kind of destroyed my hair, so I took this weekend as an opportunity to have my hair dresser try and fix it. Turns out it was a lot more damaged than we thought so getting it back to semi-normal is going to be quite a process. I’m not sure how I feel about the new color but we shall see how it goes! Thankfully it’s hair: it grows and eventually it’ll get back to normal… or at least that’s what I keep telling myself! After that we had a visit with Courtney and the babies, how stinkin’ cute are those boys!


Saturday night we headed into town for dinner in the North End at Limoncellos. You really can’t go wrong with restaurants in the North End but we love this place. It’s one of our absolute favorites and the homemade limoncello is amazing.


After dinner we started to walk toward Mike’s for some cannoli and cookies but after discovering the line (worse than Georgetown Cupcakes on a Saturday afternoon… no thanks) we moved on and started winding our way on the cobblestone roads back to the car.


But not before stopping at this great little Italian deli! The guys behind the counter were so funny and goofing off. I was trying to snap a picture of them working and they instantly struck a pose!


Mum treated Alli and I to The Lion King at The Boston Opera House. We wandered over after dinner and it was so fun to see all the hustle and bustle of the theater before the show started. People all dressed up and so excited for the show. I was also so excited, I’ve been wanting to see this for as long as I can remember!


Sorry for the terrible quality pictures, I foolishly forgot my camera in D.C. so my iPhone, unfortunately, was the best I could do! I was so excited to finally use my new GiGi New York Clutch, and I love it even more now that I’ve used it! I was able to fit everything I needed in it easily and it wasn’t difficult or annoying to carry like some clutches I’ve used in the past.


The inside of the Opera House is absolutely stunning. I had never been inside so I was amazed. Everywhere I looked there was something even more beautiful: the art, the carvings on the ceilings, the chandeliers and those marble columns. It was amazing.


Mum and I snagged a couple of glasses of bubbly before settling into our seats.


The show was absolutely incredible, if you have the opportunity to see it I highly recommend it! The costuming really stole the show: it’s amazing how the actors are able to bring the animals to life. It’s really was so easy to get lost in the beauty of the show.

{weekly words of wisdom} wanderlust

Do I get extra points for alliteration this week? As I mentioned a while back, my family spent the last few weeks in europe and seeing all their pictures and hearing all their stories while sitting in my office at my desk has been absolute torture. I am definitely feeling wanderlusty (is that a word?) the last few days/weeks/months, let’s face it, I’m absolutely always consumed by wanderlust. I have a few ideas that I’m hoping, fingers crossed, will lead to a trip overseas in the nearish future. Paris? Prague? Back to finland perhaps? In the meantime, here are some of my favorite travel quotes that I hope can inspire the same daydreams of exotic locations for you as they do for me and can help keep your heart and mind open and adventurous!

mark twain wanderlust quote

life is either a daring adventure or nothing wanderlust

i'm in love with cities i've never been wanderlust

i have left my heart in so many places

travel quotes

Anyone else have a major case of wanderlust? What are some of your favorite wanderlust and travel quotes?

{travel bug} charlottesville, va

farmington country club, charlottesville va

it’s official: after my trip to charlottesville i’ve decided the south is my new favorite part of the country. don’t get me wrong, i love new england with all my heart and i’m sure come fall, when i visit in early october, i’ll be singing a different tune after apple picking, apple cider, apple cider donuts, the changing of the leaves, the crispness and smell of the air… okay i’m getting side tracked. i have really loved exploring the south a bit more now that i’m living here in dc, and i can’t wait to continue and see more of it. there’s something so quaint and welcoming about southern cities. i don’t know if it’s those endearing southern drawls or the fact that everywhere i look is the most picturesque scene, seemingly straight out of a movie, but there’s something about the south that has grabbed my attention and i think it’s going to stick! this weekend i was in the lovely town of charlottesville, va, staying at the farmington country club with three of my friends who are living in nyc and boston!

farmington country club, charlottesville va

we arrived friday night and checked into the main house at the club; it was gorgeous. after a late dinner, we headed up to the room and just hung out and caught up. after a long week at work it was exactly what i needed, to just sit and be with some of my favorite people, talking and laughing. it was such a great night! we spent saturday exploring charlottesville in the morning and sitting at the pool all afternoon. i took so many pictures and with such a gorgeous backdrop they all came out pretty great. here are a few of my favorites to recap the weekend!

pigeon hole, charlottesville va

pigeon hole. it was so adorable, if you’re ever in charlottesville you must go. ask for the waitress tiffany and have her tell you about why her friends call her st. tiffany. she’s adorable and truly made the meal that much better! a sweet and true southern belle from louisiana, she made me feel like i was sitting in my mom’s kitchen eating breakfast. it was so fun and the food was great!

pigeon hole, charlottesville va

i highly recommend the pigeon holes, it was so good and they cut the bread in the shape of little hearts- adorable.

country club prep charlottesville

after breakfast we walked over to country club prep and did a little shopping. i’m officially obsessed with this store. their inventory is amazing, and they were having a sale- doesn’t get much better than that! i picked up the adorable livingston dress and a pair of shorties by lauren james– stay tuned for separate posts on how i style both! i consider any morning that involves a spontaneous seersucker purchase a success so i was pretty happy after stumbling upon the store!


we also headed over to uva’s campus and walked around for a little while – it is so gorgeous! i love walking around other campuses and trying to imagine what it would have been like to go there. i think each campus has such a different feel and energy to it and it’s so interesting to me how some people instantly feel at home on some campuses while they are completely indifferent to others!

farmington country club, charlottesville va

after an afternoon at the pool, we got all dressed up and headed to c&o restaurant for dinner. the food and atmosphere were both amazing. we sat in the back garden/terrace area; it was a beautiful night so i was happy we were sitting outside!

c and o restaurant charlottesville, va

i highly recommend this place if you’re looking for a nice quiet dinner, it’s very unassuming from the front, it looks like it’s in an old pepsi factory of some sort, and then you go inside and it’s cozy and charming. the music may have made the entire night, whoever’s doing their playlist was killing it!

c&O restaurant, charlottesville va

i wore my new lauren james dress that i can’t get enough of. the mint seersucker it gorgeous and you can’t go wrong with the huge, adorable bow in the back.

farmington country club, charlottesville va

it was such a great weekend with friends i’m so glad we were all able to escape for a little while! i’m excited to have them down to dc again to explore the city a little more- maybe when i actually get some furniture in my apartment!

what did you do this weekend and what’s your favorite way to unplug and recharge?