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{travel bug} charleston

i fell in love this weekend. completely head over heels in love with the beautiful city of charleston, sc. peaceful, beautiful, quaint and steeped in southern tradition, the city stole my heart almost immediately.

i flew in friday afternoon in one of the worst thunderstorms, it was a tad scary with some crazy turbulence, but after 3 failed landing attempts and a lot of white knuckling we finally landed and i ventured out in the storm to meet up with my friend and host for the weekend, conor! we headed to his house, this gorgeous, southern home complete with a wrap around deck with rocking chairs and a porch swing, on a sleepy little street lined with gas lit lamps and horse drawn carriage tours walking down it. i felt like i was stepping back in time.

it was a busy weekend – conor had planned a ton of fun things for us to do! and we even crossed off a few things off my 1001 in 101 list! his roommate has this awesome tandem bike that we rode to take a bike tour around town. if you ever have a chance to ride a tandem bike i highly recommend it, it is so much fun!! it’s hard to explain why i fell so in love with this town, there was something about the southern charm, beauty and grace of the historic town that put me at peace. all weekend long, and it was a busy weekend, i felt so relaxed. the south just feels a little bit calmer, a little more laid back, there’s no rush to get anywhere or do anything, it was a refreshing change of pace and one i desperately needed! i did a little bit of a technology cleanse so i don’t have too many pictures from the weekend (don’t worry next time i’m down there i’ll fix that!)

here are my can’t miss stops for your next trip to charleston!

1. boone hall plantation : america’s most photographed (not surprising!) as well as oldest working and living plantations. it was so pretty, especially driving down the driveway toward the plantation with the 200 year old oak trees arching over the driveway. it’s gorgeous. hey girl, it’s also where the notebook was filmed. Charleston Boone Hall Plantation

2. theater 99 for saturday night improv is awesome! i definitely had my doubts but it was so funny and it’s a local crowd which makes it a little less touristy and a little cooler.

3. the vendue rooftop bar at sunset : g o r g e o u s. and the drinks were great too, it was a really laid back and relaxing and not too crowded which was really nice!

charleston sc sunset

4. stand up paddle boarding on shem creek : you can also rent canoes and kayaks. i wish we had taken pictures when we were out on the SUP but i am clumsy and i would’ve dropped my phone in the water and it would’ve been terrible. so instead i left it in the car and enjoyed a few hours on the water. it was a blast, we saw a ton of dolphins, one of which was getting really close to us!

5. the farmers market for breakfast : rent a bike, get up with the sun and ride down the farmers market. there are few betters ways to start the day than walking around and looking at the fresh produce, crafts from local vendors and getting a crepe made right in front of you.

we did so many great things, it was a super fun weekend and we did so much. my biggest recommendations is to rent a bike the moment you get there. the city is so fun to bike around and see. take one of those horse drawn carriage tours, go with the intention of relaxing, unwinding and unplugging. soak in the history and charm and enjoy the beauty and peace that’s around you!

have you been to charleston? what are your favorite spots?


i have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel as much as i have and i hate to admit it but these last few weeks i have a major case of fernweh


i don’t know if it’s the realization that i haven’t been out of the country in two years or that my parents and sister are going to prague and slovakia without me for a couple of weeks (sigh…being a big girl is no fun) either way i’ve got the travel bug and i’m dying to go somewhere new. it might be time for me to start planning a trip somewhere, maybe for next year? i’ve been wanting to do an international marathon, maybe i’ll start training for london, berlin or paris? i leave for delaware for the firefly festival tomorrow so hopefully that will hold me over until my next trip in october!

anyone else feeling a little bit of fernweh lately? what’s next on your travel list?

the travel bug: new york city

a couple of weeks ago i got to go and visit two great friends from high school up in the big apple. i hadn’t been to new york city since senior year of high school, i’ve driven past it 5-10 times a year for the last four years on various trips from school heading home but hadn’t actually been for a visit. as a result i had this idea that i would hate new york, too busy, too big, too many people too whatever. i could not have been more wrong. i absolutely fell in love with the city in my short weekend trip and i can’t wait to get back up there! here are some pictures from my trip!

colin, me and mckenzie

colin, me and mckenzie

the best macaroons in the world

the best macaroons in the world

the view from colin's apartment

the view from colin’s apartment