don’t judge a book by it’s cover

don't judge a book by it's cover

don’t judge a book by its cover:: it’s one of those sayings that we’ve all heard for 1,000 times, and when used in relation to people i think it’s such an important concept. in a society where looks and “beauty” hold a much greater importance than they should it’s important to remember to look past the exterior because the interior is what truly matters. appearance isn’t important but more than that, who are we to judge anyone? we all have our own imperfections and judging others by their appearance does not tell us anything about that person, it does however tell us plenty about ourselves.

with that said, when it comes to a book i am a firm believer of judging it by it’s cover. there are few things i love more than wandering through a book store and picking up a book that i’ve never heard of but that has an interesting, beautiful, striking, strange, even ugly cover. if it sticks out to me in any way i have a rule that i have to read it. even in the age of nooks, kindles and ipads if i see a cover of a book in the bookstore i’ll snap a picture of it on my phone and buy it on my nook later on. i love when friends, family or coworkers recommend books to me and i almost always read them but there’s something exciting about starting a book i know nothing about that i picked up solely based on the cover.

i’d say 9/10 times i thoroughly enjoy the book and even that 1/10 time i don’t love it i usually get something out of reading it. do you judge books by their cover? what was it and did you love it or hate it?

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