Easter Basket for Adults

Easter Basket for Adults

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! Can you believe it’s April and that Easter is this weekend? I’m really excited to be heading up to Boston for the weekend to spend Easter and my sisters 21st birthday with my family!

I wanted to be able to put together a little something for my mom and sister for Easter and since we’re a little old for the traditional Easter egg hunts and baskets full of candy I started thinking of what might be fun in an Easter Basket for Adults.

Easter Basket for Adults

candle / bracelet / Easter bunny socks / nail polish / lipstick

These picks are definitely geared for the women in your life but there’s no reason you couldn’t throw together a fun basket for the guys you’re celebrating Easter with too! Add a pair of swim trunks and some more candy instead of lipstick and jewelry and maybe a book instead of a candle for your guys and you’re all set! It is Easter so something sweet is a must, I’m a sucker for jelly beans and Cadbury mini eggs this time of year!

Does the Easter Bunny visit your house?

What would be in your ideal Easter basket for adults?

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