extra storage

An Easy and Cute Way to Add Storage to Your Small Apartment

extra storage

I’ve been shifting things around in my apartment a little bit lately to try, reorganizing and figuring out the best way to store everything. My bathroom is my number one issue, it is teeny tiny and I don’t have a lot of storage space. I have no where to put my growing collection of beauty products, so I decided to set up a little vanity space in the corner of my room. With the help of Tidy Living, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

extra storage

I knew I wanted something simple and small, I didn’t want it to take away from the rest of the room and needed it to be functional- anyone else have a bad habit of turning surfaces into storage spaces? You don’t even want to see what my desk looks like on a regular basis.


Cube Shelves // Baskets c/o Tidy Living

extra storage

I opted for cube shelves because they the perfect multifunctional shelving system. I knew I could add some bins or baskets for storage, and use the open cubes to keep some of my books! These woven ones are so cute and fit in so well with the rest of the apartment! I talked about Tidy Living a little bit back when I was starting my spring cleaning, it’s an organizers dream, has all the things you need to get your life in order and the prices are so good y’all. Now through the end of the month they are having an insane May madness sale that I’ve definitely taken advantage of a little bit more than I probably should have.

extra storage

Eventually I think I would like to put a mirror on the wall above the shelf, but for now this little space is the perfect spot to help me get ready in the mornings and at night before bed.

extra storage for your small apartment

What do you think about the space? How do you deal with teeny apartment bathrooms with a lack of storage?

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