banana republic soft wash oxford

fall fashion favorites from #thenewbr

i’m getting really excited for fall and this morning was such a tease! i walked out of my apartment and it was cool and crisp and i was comfortable in jeans and a light sweater, i loved it. don’t get me wrong, i think summer is wonderful, but i am so ready for fall. i suppose we always say that right? by the end of every season we’re totally over something, whether it’s the heat in the summer, the snow in the winter or the rain in the spring. we always start looking for the next season when it’s right around the corner!

but fall, fall is my absolute favorite season. september especially is my favorite month of the year. i love it. the leaves start to change, it cools off and gets crisp and the air smells like…well, fall! the unmistakablly cozy flavors of fall are amazing: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger (is anyone else as excited for the release of the pumpkin spice latte as i am?), but fall fashion is hands down my favorite part. i am beyond ready for boots and sweaters and scarves and all the colors that go along with the season! i’ve been loving banana republic lately, the clothes are so versatile: i can wear almost everything to work and be comfortable in the same clothes when i’m out for drinks after work or wandering the eastern market on the weekend. plus the fit is amazing – i have yet to find something that doesn’t fit perfectly. and their fall line? perfection. here are some of my favorites.

fall fashion banana republic camel hacking jacket

1. camel hacking jacket

fall fashion banana republic boiled wool moto jacket

2. boiled woll moto jacket

fall fashion banana republic black skinny jeans

3. black skinny jeans

fall fashion banana republic faux leather sloan fit pants

4. sloan-fit faux-leather ankle pant – these i feel like need a little explanation. first of all the sloan fit pant is the most comfortable work pant i’ve ever owned. i have them in three colors. these are wayyyy out of my usual style comfort zone as they front are full on faux leather, but for some reason i absolutely love them.  they will absolutely be making an appearance in my fall wardrobe soon!

fall fashion sweater

5. marled zip-hem boyfriend sweater

fall fashion banana republic soft wash oxford

6. soft wash oxford

fall fashion banana republic veronica scarf

7. veronica scarf

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