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Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Firefly Weekend

firefly tips

It has been a seriously long week, I have worked more in the last 3 days than I thought was possible and I’m exhausted and definitely counting down to the weekend.

While I’m looking forward to this weekend, I’m looking forward to next weekend even more. A good friend from high school is heading to DC and then we’re heading out to Rehoboth and Firefly!

I am seriously excited to unplug from the office for a weekend and listen to an amazing weekend! I know it’s a week out but if you’re heading there I have a few last minute Firefly tips for you! If you haven’t bought tickets yet, today is the last day to buy them before the price goes up! If you’re missing out this year, don’t forget to follow along on Snapchat (breezywest) and Instagram next weekend!

firefly tips

My Top Firefly Tips

1. Pick out your must see groups ahead of time and figure out where the stages are, the rest of the time, wander! I have seen some of my favorite shows at Firefly just by wandering around and exploring!

2. Figure out where the shade is. Usually I opt for the Dogfishhead tent but  this year Firefly has a Spruce Up Tent so you can go and get access to a lounge, restrooms with AC and a shower. If you’re camping this is a great option or if you’re doing a long day of festival going.

firefly tips

3. Set a meeting spot and check in throughout the day. There are a lot of people there and cell service isn’t always great, we always set a meeting place and check in a couple times a day if we’ve split up. Saves us stress and battery power on our cells!

4. Hydrate. I mentioned this in my first post about music festival essentials for survival, but don’t forget to hydrate! Pack an empty water bottle and refill throughout the day.

5. Stay for the last show. If there is a show you want to see, stay, even if it’s late on Sunday. My absolute favorite shows from the last four years have been the shows I almost didn’t go to because of the timing!

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