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{Friday Five} Links


I took this the other day when I was i Rockport, it was such a gorgeous afternoon!

Happy Friday! It’s lunchtime on a cold and rainy fall day here in DC and I just had one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever eaten, seriously, I’m pretty convinced the grilled cheese gods are working out of the The Big Cheese food truck, which was conveniently located right outside my office today! I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend after a whirlwind couple of weeks of traveling between DC, Boston and Orlando! I have an inbox full of emails to get through, some fun posts to write/photograph and I might actually finish painting my apartment finally! Whatever I end up doing, I don’t plan to leave my apartment much, except maybe to go see Gone Girl (have you seen it?!) or make a quick trip to Eastern Market, ideally, I get to be in pj’s 90% of this weekend!

What is everyone else up to this weekend?

1. Do you have a certain scent you associate with different seasons? I know I definitely do, I love these ideas to bring the Fall scent into your home, I might give one or two a try this weekend!

2. I love these DIY ways to incorporate maps into home decor, I’ve been trying to figure out how to display a couple of maps of my favorite places and some of these ideas are so great and easy to do!

3. This campaign to bring awareness to the 39,000 girls who are forced into being child brides is really interesting.

4. You better believe I’m going to give these a try this fall!

5. Looking for some fun ideas for this weekend? Check out my list of fall activities!

What’s been on your radar this week? I’d love to see some of your links!

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