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weekend readingmy favorite month is finally here, unfortunately mother nature didn’t get the memo and has sent me nothing but blistering heat and obscene humidity levels. thankfully, it’s supposed to cool off this weekend, i’m ready for fall- apple picking, sweaters, boots, cinnamon, hot apple cider and all the other magicalness that comes with the best season of the year! i’m looking forward to this weekend, another weekend of home improvement (i think once you own a house those weekends never really end though) and tomorrow morning i’m starting my finnish class! finally picking up a language i learned 7 years ago while studying abroad, i’m hoping to get to finland in the next few months so it would be nice if i could actually hold a conversation while i’m there! i’m also in full training mode for my big race in january down at disney so i’ll be avoiding a run like the plague fitting in an 8 mile run tomorrow afternoon, please please please let it be cool.

i don’t know about you but when a new season starts i feel like i’m getting a fresh start. i tend to look at what’s going on in my life, what’s working, what isn’t, and plan for the next 2-3 months. i’m getting really excited for all that fall has in store for me, personally and professionally, but i’m most excited for everything i have planned for this space. i’d love to hear your input, what would you like to see more of? less of? what can i do better? in the meantime, here are some fun links i pulled together for some weekend reading! i hope you enjoy them!

how to create a perfect floor plan

i’m obsessed with this closet/office/little piece of heaven 

love this joan rivers tribute, i think it’s perfect

does your personality mesh with your career?

i’m dying to pamper myself with this soak

i hope you all have a great weekend! any fun plans or weekend reading to share with me?

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