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Friday Five: Weekend Watching

Friday Five: Weekend Watching

I know I’ve said this a few times this week but I seriously cannot get over how fast November has flown by! I was complaining about the cold the other day and how early it is and then I realized that it really isn’t all that early, it’s winter as far as I’m concerned. When I was little it wasn’t unusual to have at least a little bit of snow by thanksgiving, sometimes even a lot of snow! I’m getting ready for real cold, next week I leave for Finland and Iceland to visit my host family and friends and spend a little time in my second home, I cannot wait. I haven’t been back in the winter since I lived there though so it will be interesting to remember what it’s like when there’s only a few hours of daylight and it’s really cold. 

I don’t know what it was about this week but I feel like every time I opened my computer there was another awesome video for me to see! It definitely helped the week move a little bit quicker that’s for sure. I wanted to share my top five from the week for a little weekend watching for y’all!

Arguably my favorite Christmas song, this video made it just a little bit better! I love every year seeing the various renditions of this classic song, I feel like everyone has to put their twist on it at some point. I think this version may have even topped the version that Glee did a couple of years ago!

I thought this was really kind of cool, movie trailers are so dramatic. Even for movies that aren’t all dramatic, I love what this director did by creating a “modern Aladdin trailer” so cool and definitely one of the more dramatic trailers I’ve seen… all for an animated film!

This trailer might have been the highlight of my week (what can I say I really really love Cinderella) I think the opening quote in it is what really got it stuck in my head though. I am so excited to see how they remake one of my all time favorite movies!

Taylor Swift is everywhere and even if you’re not a TSwift fan you can’t deny that her new album is catch and pretty damn good. I love this music video she looks absolutely gorgeous (and completely crazy) and this song is so great, this video may or may not have been on repeat on my computer this week…

Another great movie trailer, I loved the first Pitch Perfect and this trailer has me just as excited about the second one. The music is so great and the cast is hilarious, I’m just a little annoyed that I have to wait until May!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I’m packing and doing laundry for most of it (super exciting I know!) but hoping to sneak out and do a few fun activities and some less fun ones- most notably an 18 mile run, ugh. If you have any videos or articles that should be on my radar or added to my weekend watching list I’d love if you shared them with me in the comments, and have an awesome weekend!

p.s. are you following along on Facebook and Instagram yet? I’ll be sharing loads of photos on both next week during my trip so stop by and say hi! 

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