2016 graduation gift guide

Graduation Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! Graduation is around the corner and it’s definitely on the brain around here. With my sister graduating from college, two really important high school graduations to think about this spring, and some great friends from CUA graduating I have been on the hunt for graduation gifts lately!

Fun fact about my family: when I graduated from college I set off the dominos, since 2009 we have had at least one graduation every spring since my high school graduation and we’re looking at another two years. That’s almost 10 years of back to back graduations, just within one side of the family, once you add in the other side, plus friends and exchange students on top of the six cousins… let’s just say, we’re kind of commencement pros in the Manzelli family.

Graduation gifts are one of my favorite kinds of gifts to buy! Picking out  meaningful gift to mark someone completing one chapter of their life and beginning the next is a lot of fun! If you’re not quite the professional commencement guest that I am I put together some of my favorite and go-to for a graduation gift guide (Alli, Patrick and Matthew- this would be a good time to stop reading!)

 2016 graduation gift guideMy all time favorite book // Personalized stationery for all thank you notes mum won’t be there to remind us to write // A travel toiletry case // A weekender for quick getaways since there’s never enough vacation time (or to take home laundry to do at home) // A great camera // Noise cancelling headphones, because, roommates. // A coordinates necklace to remind you of home (or home away from home) // A return address stamp // “36 hours in” books to plan a short trip // A planner to keep track of everything in this next chapter!

What would be on your graduation gift guide?

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