happy saturday (and some fun weekend finds)

i hope everyone is enjoying the start to their long weekends! unfortunately i have to work on monday but it’s okay because after the snow day and 2 hour delay i unexpectedly received on thursday and friday i don’t mind too much. somehow snow days as a grown up are actually more fun than they were when i was a kid or a student. sure its a different kind of fun, less snow ball fights and snow angels and more catching up on laundry and reading after sleeping in and not having to put on a dress, skirt or suit. theres a kind of peace and tranquility when its snowing. everything seems to move in slow motion and everything is quiet. there are few better things than being curled up in a blanket reading a book while watching the snow fall.

i forgot how much i missed the snow, growing up in new england snow was normal, and i mean lots and lots of snow. all. winter. long. so when i moved to dc for college i was shocked to see how poorly dc handled the snow, i mean 1″ and people were acting like the world was coming to an end. for me that was crazy, i’ve gotten used to the dc panic, poor forecasts and just general poor snow management (especially since we rarely get more than an inch or two). because of all that snow became a dreaded event for me, so this week when i heard the initial forecast (3″-20″…i mean come on what is that?) i immediately found myself annoyed. as it got closer and the prospects of real snow became more and more real i started to get excited though. once thursday rolled around and i found out i actually had a snow day i was completely elated. i had forgotten how much i loved to watch the snow, and i felt more relaxed than i had in a while. it grounded me in a way, reminded me that i needed to breathe, and take some time for me, spend less time on my computer and phone and more time with friends interacting face to face (i think something everyone today needs to work on) and i’ve been doing just that this weekend.

here are some fun finds that have been key to my weekend of relaxation 🙂

  1. who doesn’t love comfort food when its cold and snowy out? and what better comfort food than grilled cheese. i went on a hunt for some creative grilled cheese sandwich ideas and not surprisingly country living had this amazing list. that taleggio grilled cheese with bacon and honey crisp apples…. yummm
  2. i will admit, i may be obsessed with this mostly for the pictures, they are absolutely stunning after all, but even though it’s technically for a holiday party this post has some great tips on how to be the perfect hostess
  3. as i have admitted in an older post that i sometimes judge books by their covers, especially when it comes to coffee table books. since i’m moving i’ve been on the lookout for some fun books to have on my coffee table and in my bookcase and the other day i saw this book at barnes and noble and have since become mildly obsessed with it, there are some really fun stories, recipes and general tie-bits about being southern that  as a northerner have been fun to read!
  4. the bluejacket brewery is one my new favorite brunch spot in dc. we went a few weekends ago and it was so good, and in such a cool space! i think it’s part of the kickoff or a regeneration of the waterfront area in dc and i’m really excited to see what comes of it in the next few years. my menu picks: the fresh baked cinnamon rolls and the french toast. i went with a few friends and we tried a bunch of different beers and they were all honestly so good.

happy saturday everyone! hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend as much as i am

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