How to Lighten Up a Bedroom

How to Lighten Up a Bedroom

With Summer in absolute full swing here in DC I’ve been really focused on how to lighten up a bedroom. The 95˚ weather and insane humidity has been no match for even the strongest air conditioner setting in my bedroom, there’s no way around it: it is hot. I don’t spend a lot of time in my bedroom, but when I’m there I hate feeling like I’m in a stuffy room with no breathability. Sometimes with the nature of DC summers that feeling of suffocation is tough to avoid. I’ve pulled together a few ways I’ve figured out how to lighten up a bedroom for the Summer heat if you’re feeling the same way!

How to Lighten Up a Bedroom

I’m currently coveting this lightweight duvet and linen set from Parachute, I’m hoping it will help to lighten up my current bedding situation, which is perfect for the freezing DC winters, not so much for the current sweltering heat situation we’ve got going on! I also really love that Parachute donates life-saving malaria nets to Nothing but Nets for every bedding set sold!

Another great and super easy way that you can lighten up a bedroom is by adding white or cream colored curtains, while they may not help with the actual temperature of the room the bright natural light that can filter through them will automatically help the room feel lighter and more airy.

Adding a fresh scent to your room is another easy solution, I suggest staying away from anything too rich or heavy and leaning toward light floral scents like lavender or my favorite Diptyque Baies candle!

One final tip I have for how to lighten up a bedroom is adding a fan if you don’t already have one. I have a built in ceiling fan that runs pretty much non stop in the summer time, it is the best way to make the room feel lighter.

Do you have any tips for how to lighten up a bedroom?

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