i don’t have anything to wear

i told you all yesterday how i helped k get ready for her black tie gala, she looked absolutely amazing in her long rebecca taylor gown- the best part about it was she rented the dress.

t & k

love that the sparkle fades from the top of the dress down through the full skirt. gorgeous. t looks quite dapper as well.

i heard about rent the runway about a year ago and i poked around the website a bit but didn’t need a dress at the time so it kind of went out of my mind until the end of this summer when i started looking for a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding. having just moved back to d.c. i was still looking for a job and didn’t want to spend a fortune on a formal dress that i would only wear a couple times. enter: rent the runway. 

 this company was started by two amazing women jennifer human and jennifer fleiss when they were at harvard business school. they were in a similar situation i found myself in before the wedding where they wanted to be able to wear a new designer dress for every occasion without blowing their entire salary on clothes. so they started meeting with designers and retailers and rent the runway was born in new york city.

i am notorious for staring at my (probably too full) closet and saying i have nothing to wear so i love the whole concept. it’s so easy too. first go to rent the runway and browse the hundreds of amazing dresses they have, then pick the one (or if you’re like me the ones) you like and order them in two sizes just in case one doesn’t fit, pick the dates you need them for- you get to keep the dress for 4 days, wear your dress and look fabulous at whatever event you got it for, then the next day put the dress in the prepaid ups package they send with the dress and sent them back! you don’t have to worry about dry-cleaning or anything, it’s so easy how could you not try it?

for my cousins wedding i ordered 2 different dresses, i wore one then my little sister a wore the other one.

Rent the Runway Dress

a is wearing the blumarine lady pep dress and i’m wearing the your moment sheath by ml monique lhuillier.

with all these holiday parties coming up i know i’ll be utilizing rent the runway quite a bit, i’ve already picked up a few and can’t wait to order them!

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