is glam glow worth the price?

how many of you have heard of glamglow but held off on getting it because of the price? i definitely fall into that group and had been toying with ordering glamglow super mud clearing treatment for about a year and a half now, i had seen the videos and heard people completely rave about it but i wasn’t quite ready to spend the $69 on the teeny jar. the short answer is absolutely 100% yes.

the longer answer: i finally caved in late august and bought my glamglow from sephora, i was super excited to use it but my face was in pretty good shape so because of it’s small size i decided to wait until i needed it. my cousins wedding was in mid september so i figured i’d test it out the week before. the results: amazing

my skin was the clearest it’s ever been, not a black head in sight, my overall skin tone had evened out and my skin was so soft i couldn’t get over it, also the name is fitting as your skin does seem to actually glow when you’re finished. when i put it on it immediately started to dry and my face felt tight, i could barely smile or make any facial expressions. i left it on until it dried which was about 7-8 minutes and then began the worst part of the whole process- washing it off. while it was on i could see the mask pulling any junk out of my pores and creating little dots all over my face. you can see a video of this process on their website. the best part of the entire thing is i’ve since used it at least once a week, sometimes twice and i still have a little more than half my jar left!

overall, i think it is defintely worth it but that’s just my opinion, i’d love to hear from some of you about your experiences or hesitations surrounding the magic mud mask!


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