Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

With Bali around the corner, I’m channeling my inner Dory and thinking just keep swimming while simultaneously trying to resist the urge to pack a suitcase full of strictly bikinis. Realistically, that’s not the most practical plan in the world, I probably need a little more than a bikini to summit Bali’s tallest volcano. I guess I’m going to find out right?

In the mean time here are some of my favorite swimsuits that I’ve added to my wish list!

Just Keep Swimming

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J.Crew Sailor Stripe Bikini: top / bottoms
Triangl Bikini
J.Crew Seersucker Bikini: top / bottoms
Scalloped Bikini
Kate Spade Bikini: top / bottoms
L*Space Bikini: top / bottoms

The Triangl bikini I already have and I’m hoping to add at least one more new swimsuit to my collection before I head off to Bali. I can’t believe I’m off in less than two weeks!! I’m not nearly prepared, I’ve still got suitcases to unpack from Florida (which was a month ago) so the next couple of weeks are going to be a tad crazy! Crystal clear, turquoise waves, white sandy beaches and thoughts of just keep swimming are getting me through the stress for now though!

Which one is your favorite?

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