Link Love Vol 18
link love

Link Love Vol 18

Link Love Vol 18

Four days, one train, three flights, one unexpected hospital stay and night in Atlanta later I am finally in Cuenca getting ready to celebrate our first exchange student’s wedding! Y’all if you only ever take one piece of travel advice from my little corner of the internet it’s buy travel insurance. Always. It’s the best $27 you’ll ever spend!

I’ve said it before but I am continually amazed at how being an exchange student changed my life, 8 years later I’m heading back to Ecuador to meet my family and see the first student we hosted get married! Definitely worth all the travel hiccups I’ve had this week!

After a long week I am looking forward to an unplugged weekend with my family before heading to DC next week! I hope y’all had a lovely week, the weather was amazing seemingly everywhere so hopefully you’re enjoying a little bit of spring early!  Check out link love vol 18 for that last little push to get you through your Friday!

1 // This amazing website shows you what it’s like to have dyslexia, it was tough for me to read but really interesting!

2 // The best list of things I bet you didn’t know and are probably dying to find out when it comes to The Bachelor!

3 // I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing this but now in addition to having killer clothes, Loft is also providing you with your horoscope, check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

4 // Love this very honest account on having it all!

5 // I have spent a lot of time traveling the past few days and as a result have been able to watch a lot of movies! The top of my list is Ballet 422, even if you don’t think you like ballet this documentary about the New York City Ballet is amazing! Also completely obsessed with Spotlight, Room and The Big Short!!

ICYMI :: Today is the last day to enter the Kate Spade and Macbook Giveaway // Check out my 2016 Travel Wish List // A few of my favorite picks from the J.Crew Spring Arrivals

Did I miss anything great for link love vol 18? Be sure to let me know! I hope y’all have a great weekend!!

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