Link Love Vol 22
link love

Link Love Vol 22

Link Love Vol 22

I know I said this the other day, but I cannot believe it is June. How did that happen?

It’s been a long week, does anyone else notice that the week after a long weekend always feels longer despite being a day shorter? I’ve been running around a little bit crazy, feeling like I’ve been playing catch up since I woke up Tuesday morning! I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with friends, relaxing and hopefully shooting a few outfits to share with y’all!

In addition to link love vol 22 I’m going to start doing something a little different on Fridays and update you on what’s going on currently in my life!

eating // rainbow carrots. Seriously, y’all I’m obsessed, maybe a recipe coming soon? I’m also just eating healthier in general and working on cooking more!

reading // The Devil in the White City

watching // re-watching The West Wing because it’s the best show ever made and it reminds me why I wanted to come to DC in the first place… yes I know it’s just a tv show but it’s a great one!

trying // to stay off my laptop an hour before bed and get in some form of exercise every day, I have got to get back in shape, Marine Corps Marathon is getting closer and closer and I seem to be getting lazier and lazier, it’s a problem.

feeling // a tad overwhelmed and also excited about new opportunities (more on this soon!).

working on // content, content and more content! I’m spending this weekend on a June content calendar and hopefully getting some of the posts written ahead of time!

excited // to see Me Before You, I finished the book a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it so I can’t wait to see the movie tonight!

Link Love Vol 22

1 // This might just be the most Boston thing I’ve ever seen and it is beyond amazing

2 // You can’t watch it just yet, but you can add the new Gilmore Girls to your Netflix queue

3 // I can’t stop reading all the things about The Cursed Child, these pictures are getting me so excited. Anyone up for a trip to London?

4 // Watching people who hate cats talk about living with cats 

5 // This is only the cutest fight in the history of martial arts

6 // I really want to try this off the shoulder trend that everyone has been rocking, I feel a little left out, not having tried it! I’m thinking this dress might be perfect!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks little dose of link love vol 22! What are you up to this weekend?

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