Link Love 28
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Link Love Vol 28

Link Love Vol 28

Happy Friday!! I’m writing this from the cutest cafe in Akureyri, Iceland, this country is seriously one of the most incredibly gorgeous places, I can’t wait to share all my pictures with you. We’ve been slowly making our way around the country and have been consistently blown away but the sheer beauty around every corner, it really is amazing.

It’s been a while since we’ve done any link love around here, but I’ve spent a lot of time in the car this week, which means a lot of time reading articles and hopping around online and thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve enjoyed to help get you through Friday to the weekend!


in //  Iceland, and it is seriously incredible

reading// the Outlanders series and I can’t put it down, I think I’m on the 5th book and the entire series has been incredible so far, I don’t want to put it down

watching // I made the mistake of starting The Walking Dead, and now I can’t stop.

trying // to get adjusted to my new job and get into a routine, which really isn’t going well considering I left for Iceland a week after starting. That’s going to be priority number 1 when I get back to D.C.

excited for // so many things, my new job, this trip, and all the things on the horizon for bree west. March has been a great month and I can’t wait for April!

Link Love Vol 28

1 // Food is a huge priority for me when I travel, this list of food markets around the world is making me want to plan a few new trips.

2 // I love this wine and cake pairing guide, because who doesn’t love cake? And wine…

3 // My friend Katie wrote this amazing post on dealing with creative block that is perfect to bookmark for next time you’re feeling that dreaded lull in creativity.

4 // In case you missed it around here I shared a little about my life lately last week as well as a spring look I’m loving but haven’t gotten too much wear out of since it snowed in DC last week and is freezing in Iceland. I’m sharing a ton  on Instagram and Snapchat (breezywest) for the remainder of my trip, so if you don’t already follow, head over there and take a peek!

Enjoy your weekends, I hope it’s a tad warmer than mine will be!

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