making small spaces work

making small spaces work

i’m so excited because in a little more than two weeks i’ll be moving into my very own place! not an apartment, and without a roommate, my very own condo that i will be closing on the first week of august- eek!!  i’ve been looking for places for what feels like ages (3 months or so) and i finally found one i love, love, love. once the seller accepted my offer (i think i held my breath for three days, no joke!) i immediately started thinking of decorating ideas. i’ve been wanting to decorate a place since i rented my first apartment but never got to fully do it because i only stayed for about a year at a time or the apartments were strict about painting, hanging things on the wall etc. not here though, because this little place is going to be all mine!

i’ve been renting for three years now and i never realized how spoiled i was! i didn’t realize just how much went into buying a house, all the things that inherently come with apartments that you don’t think about- blinds for the windows, light fixtures, towel rods in the bathroom, electric, gas and water already set up, maintenance guarantees on appliances and cabinets in case anything breaks. no more. when i move in there will be nothing, no flower boxes, no light fixtures, no blinds. nothing. so i now have the daunting, but very fun task of making my new 600 square foot condo feel like home!

one of the biggest struggles i’ve been dealing with while i’ve been shopping has been making small spaces work. i’ve been living in 1,000-1,200 square foot apartments and now i’m going to be cutting that space in half and living in 600. it’s been fun figuring out how to make such a small space feel bigger. what colors, furniture, fabrics and textures do what and work together. here are a few of the things i’ve found that i really love.

The New York Times, 36 Hours: 125 Weekends in Europe

i love these books, and the bright colored covers make them perfect to add a pop of color to a coffee table or my bookshelf. plus it’s a fun way to incorporate my travel obsession into the apartment!

The Sedgewick Bar Cart

i love this bar cart, really all bar carts, but i really like the gold, vintage look of this one. it looks like something straight out of madmen (which i just binge watched on netflix by the way, so good!)

Blue and White Porcelain Vases

if it wouldn’t look completely weird, i think everything in my apartment would be blue and white. i really like these vases, i think these or something similar will definitely make an appearance in the new place!

Nantucket Nightfall 1

i have completely fallen in love with jenny prinn’s art. all of her pieces are so gorgeous and the way she uses color is amazing! my new goal is to have one of her pieces in my home.

that’s all for now, i’m still in the nearly stages of finding things and i’m way to indecisive to have the whole apartment decorated yet. i’ll keep y’all posted though! i’d love to hear your stories and decorating ideas for a teeny tiny city apartment, how to you make small spaces work?

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