Measuring Fitness Goals
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Measuring Fitness Goals

Measuring Fitness Goals

Since it’s Monday which is everyone’s favorite day of the week, I thought I’d chat a little about everyone’s favorite topic, exercise and fitness goals (Insert side eye, sarcastic emoji here). Fitness goals and wellness have made their way to the top of my priorities in the last few weeks and I don’t seem to be the only one. If you’re anything like me you lost that post-holiday, new year resolutions workout motivation pretty quickly at the beginning of the year and are starting to get back into some sort of routine. Whether you’ve decided to run a 10k this summer, taken an oath to improve your diet or promised yourself to squeeze in more mid-day walks measuring fitness goals and progress is super important and so helpful when trying to get back into a work out routine!

I am totally that girl that gets super discouraged when I do 5 workouts in one week and don’t see any progress so to console myself I eat an entire pizza… kidding. Kind of. I hate scales and don’t have one in my apartment in California so measuring fitness goals is a lot more than just a number for me! Keep reading to see how I’ve started measuring fitness goals without getting too discouraged.

1. But first, Let me take a selfie // I hate taking before and after pictures, and you will likely never see me post one on social media, but they really are incredibly helpful in measuring fitness goals. So strip down to your bikini or a sports bra and spandex and snap a selfie, be sure to take another one every month-6 weeks to track your progress!

2. Keep track // keeping track of what you’re eating in the beginning is so helpful if you are working on improving your diet. For me it was huge in helping me take steps toward cleaner eating. I’m working on this now in preparation for my cleanse at the beginning of April! It’s also a great idea to track your workouts, this way you can visually mark your progress in the schedule you’ve created!

3. Set reasonable goals // measuring fitness goals can be hard in the beginning, that first week back at the gym can be absolutely brutal and the soreness is enough to make you want to pick a new show to binge watch on Netflix and avoid the gym all together. So, if it’s been a while, maybe don’t get your heart set on running a full marathon after 6 weeks of running, work on increasing your strength and endurance by starting with a 5k and working your way up! Hitting the smaller milestones will feel great and want you to keep pushing to hit the bigger ones!

4. Buy a new outfit // the fit of our clothes is probably the best way of measuring fitness goals, pick out a goal outfit that might be a little snug on you now. Set it out somewhere that you can see it so you are inspired to keep going even when you really don’t want to!

5. It’s okay to stumble // It’s okay to not eat 100% clean or miss a workout to spend time with friends, or just to stay home and watch Netflix every once in a while. If you stumble when trying to achieve a certain goal, it’s okay. Don’t give up hope and abandon your whole plan, just get back into it and keep pushing!

What’s your approach for measuring fitness goals?

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