Mind Body Soul Surf Retreat in Bali

When I started planning my trip to Bali I knew I wanted to try and spend a week at a surf and yoga retreat, I thought it would be the prefect way to finish a trip that was all about wiping the slate clean. When I started researching different retreats, I kept going back to Mind Body Soul Surf Bali Retreat.

Mind Body Soul Surf

I absolutely loved what they had to offer, they are a women’s only retreat and they don’t work with groups larger than six women. The balance is incredible, a combination of yoga and overall wellness with surfing tying it all together was exactly what I was looking for.

Unfortunately, when I was in the early stages of looking MBS didn’t have a retreat scheduled for the time I was going to be in Bali. I kept it in the back of my mind and kept looking but never really found another retreat that I felt was a good fit for me or bree west. A few weeks before my trip I wanted to show my mom MBS just because I couldn’t get it out of my mind, we were looking at it and discovered that there was a week during my trip! I was so elated.

Mind Body Soul Surf

Turns out the group of women that were with me for the retreat had emailed Sarah (the amazing woman that runs it) and asked if they could run a retreat during that week. I could not have gotten luckier, not only because it was now possible to participate but also because of the other women that were there.

Mind Body Soul Surf

I left Mind Body Soul Surf feeling relaxed, recharged and so much more grounded than when I arrived. While I definitely didn’t figure everything out, I feel like after that week I had a much clearer mind on what I needed to do next. Something I was desperately craving. I attest that to Sarah, Deduk and their amazing team.

Mind Body Soul Surf

Everything about Mind Body Soul Surf is completely seamless. From arriving at the villa to an amazing welcome snack full of raw and organic food to the little gifts and encouragements that we received in our rooms throughout the week, it seems like they have thought of everything.  I loved not having to worry about what was next or where I needed to be. We were given a schedule at the beginning of the week and picked up for each activity and brought to our next destination. It was perfect.

Mind Body Soul Surf

My favorite part of the retreat was that I didn’t feel like I was on a retreat with a bunch of strangers I had just met. Sarah and Deduk have created an environment that really makes it feel like you’re with family and old friends from the moment you arrive. After just a few hours our villa began to feel like home, I mean how could it not, look at that place, it’s amazing!

I was so excited to be able to collaborate with Mind Body Soul Surf and I absolutely can’t wait to tell you more about the whole experience. From incredible surf to the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten and everything in between I’m going to give you all a little taste of Mind Body Soul Surf this week so stop back in throughout the week to hear all about it!

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