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How To Dress For A Festival (and not melt in the heat)

I don’t know about all festivals, but Firefly is usually hot. Last year at one point I was just standing, not moving, not dancing, I hadn’t been walking, just standing still, and I was absolutely cooking. Music festivals are obviously about the music, but it seems like every year the fashion ups its game. It’s a mix of people dressing for a trendy, boho, hippy version of fashion week street style, people not caring what they look like, and those seeing how absolutely ridiculous they can dress. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle, I like to rock a cute outfit, be comfy and most importantly be cool.Music Festival Outfit Inspiration

Outfit one: tank top // racer back top // shorts

Outfit two: striped swimsuit // two tone swim suit // shorts

Outfit three: peasant top // shorts

My go to’s the last few years have been a cute tank and a pair of jean cut offs. I tend to opt for loose, lightweight and comfy. Most festivals give you a few days to play with different outfits which gives you the opportunity to try out a few different styles!

I’m opting for super simple with some fun jewelry, these three options are certainly my inspiration for this year’s Firefly weekend! I’ll be sure to share a few of my actual outfits when I get back in a couple of weeks!

What’s your music festival outfit inspiration?

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