Cozy Valentine's Day Look

My Favorite Cozy Sweater + A Valentine’s Day Look

You know those certain pieces you buy and then proceed to wear every single day? It’s incredibly soft and comfortable and I’m pretty sure I can say that it is without question the most cozy Valentine’s Day look I’ve ever worn (besides my pjs I typically wear while sitting on the couch eating takeout.)

Cozy Valentine's Day Look

I picked it up a month or so ago, kind of on a whim from the Rachel Parcell Everyday Shop and I’m so glad I did! It was an instant staple, I toss it on most nights after work and have worn it more than one Saturday to run errands. I love that it’s longer so you can wear it with leggings or dress it up with jeans, which is what I’m planning to do for Valentine’s Day later this week.

Cozy Valentine's Day Look

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentines Day, beyond conversation hearts and an excuse to eat a cupcake or 2, I think it’s kind of over the top, honestly. Typically I’m ordering takeout or spending time with friends, but this year I’m going out for a casual dinner.

Cozy Valentine's Day Look

Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Purse is old but this one has a similar strap!

I’m all about comfort, if I can look good and feel good it’s a win win for everyone. My top tips for dressing up those cozy oversized pieces in your closet are to pair with jeans, a pair of heels and a statement bag. The heels automatically make the look feel more formal and if you pair skinny jeans with an oversized sweater I always think the silhouette the outfit creates is so chic!

 I’ve told you pretty much all you need to know about the sweater, but let’s recap shall we? It’s cute, soft, oversized (to hide allllll the cheese I’ll be eating Wednesday night at Stable DC) and the price point is incredible! Now let’s talk about these shoes for a second.

Cozy Valentine's Day Look

They are a m a z i n g. Truly. I literally wore them for 10 hours straight on Thursday in New York City, then 14 hours straight on Friday. Not only did my feet not hurt, I was able to walk in them both days with absolutely no problem, at the end of the day they were actually still comfortable. I know, I still can’t really believe it either. They seemed like a no brainer to pull together my Valentine’s Day look since I know I’ll still be super comfortable, which after a long day at the office is really what I’m looking for here.

The price point is a little steep but definitely worth it, I actually grabbed these ones on sale after Christmas and am thinking I might put some of my tax refund toward the nude pair because they are gorgeous even at full price!

I hope you all have a great week full of lots and lots of chocolates and fresh blooms, even if you don’t have a valentine this year, treat yourself to something special or go out for drinks with your galentines! Those are always my favorite anyways.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day? Or do you prefer to stay at home and order your favorite takeout?