my kitchen: must haves

i just moved…again, and i am all about getting rid of things i don’t need (mostly so i don’t have to pack them, or worse, unpack them), i am quickly discovering that i have accumulated a lot of stuff i really just don’t need. a lot of that stuff is little kitchen odds and ends that have either served their purpose and need to be tossed or that i absolutely had to have but really didn’t need and have since never used. however i have also discovered there are some things i absolutely can’t live without, they are mostly appliances and well worth the money since i use every single one of them every day, usually multiple times!

my 5 kitchen must haves:

myreview of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite

1. breville juice fountain elite

this juicing fad doesn’t seem to be fading at all and i’ve read/seen so much about it i figured i’d give it a shot. i did a ton of research on different juicers, which one produced less pulp, which was easier to clean, easier to use etc. i finally settled on this one right around the time macy’s was having their big one day sale so as an added bonus i got it for a major deal! i love it, i don’t use it as much as i’d like to but next week i am going to try a 5 day reboot so i’ll be sure to share how it goes with everyone! 

breville tea maker

2. breville tea maker

this may have been the single best gift i’ve ever gotten in my entire life. if you can’t tell i’m pretty much obsessed with this little kitchen gadget, my obsession with tea is similar to the rest of the worlds obsession with coffee. it is great, you fill it with water based on how many cups of tea  you want then put your loose leaf tea in the basket, then based on the type of tea you want you select your settings (water temp and steep time) you can either use the preset settings for various types of tea or enter custom settings. once you hit start the water starts heating up and when the water is the right temperature the basket lowers itself into the water steeps for the proper amount of time then lifts up. it is so amazing, especially for those super early mornings that i’m half asleep until about noon… my 2 favorite parts is the “keep warm” button so you can make 6 cups and drink them slowly instead of making one at a time, and 1 tsp of tea can be used 3-5 times! basically this team maker=life

3. kitchen aid blender

3. kitchen aid blender

another awesome every day appliance. i think a good blender is so so important, i had the crappy $30 no name brand for a couple years and when i got this for christmas last year it was life changing. well maybe not life changing but definitely great to finally have a blender that worked. i make smoothies probably twice a day so having a really good blender was really important to me. i love this one (mine is much cuter though since it’s navy blue)

4. cuisinart knife set

4. cuisinart knife set

a decent knife set makes such a difference, when i got my first apartment i bought the cheapest set of knives i could find, the result? i could barely cut a slice of cheese with the “sharpest” one and i made me dread cooking anything that required a lot of chopping prep (which for someone who loves veggies is a problem) it was a nightmare for 2 years. i love these knives they have made a huge difference in the amount i cook since now prep work is really quick and easy- plus at $99 these are a steal


5. cuisipro measuring bowls

5. cuisipro measuring bowls

these bowls are so fun and such a great idea. makes it so easy to chop a ton of different veggies and slide them right off the cutting board into a measuring bowl so you know how much you have and for easy storage while you’re doing the rest of your prep. definitely not an appliance or a necessity but makes life a lot easier!

my kitchen is slowly coming together these are my essentials but there are definitely a few things on my wish list that i can’t wait to have move into my must have list

my kitchen wishlist:

1. this dutch oven

2. this bread loaf pan

3. this oil mister

4. this pancake pen

5. these cutting mats

what are your kitchen must haves?

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