#NSale Favorites

#NSale Favorites

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, the best sale event of the year is going on right now! The last couple weeks have been just for cardholders so if you’re like me you’ve been counting down until Friday to scoop up all your #NSale Favorites! I pulled together a few of my picks for you and added a bunch more to the new #NSale Favorites page up in the menu! I’ll be adding more to the page once the sale opens up (hoping some of those great deals the cardholders got will be restocked!) so be sure to pop back in!

My best advice to get all your #NSale favorites? Shop the sale early and often, things get restocked and if you come back you might see something you missed the first time around! That’s what I did last year and I added some of my absolute favorite pieces of my wardrobe to my closet!


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