Life update and goals for 2018

On Life, Blogging, and Goals for 2018

We’re a month into a new year and I thought it was about time I stop looking at this blank draft and actually get something up for y’all to read (if there’s even anyone out there still). I want to share a little update on life, on blogging and on what you can expect from me this year.

On life and blogging

Last year was weird, 2016 was down right brutal and I went into 2017 thinking new year would be like flipping a switch and things would magically, instantly be better…. HA! It was definitely a better year, and there were a lot of highlights, but it was insanely busy.

I switched jobs, twice. It was my first full foray back into politics after leaving DC back in 2015 and it was one heck of a year to come back into this crazy world. And sadly, my little corner of the internet not only fell by the wayside, it also started feeling more like a chore. I always said I’d stop blogging when it stopped being fun, and sometime last spring I decided to cut myself a break (not great timing since I had just finished building this gorgeous new site) and stop putting so much pressure on myself to get a post up.

A few weeks went by, then months, then I got a new (dream) job and it became easier to ignore bree west altogether, but late last year I started feeling the pull to come back to blogging. See if it still brings me joy, see if it’s something I want to bring back into my life in 2018. Lately the stress and lack of inspiration I’ve been feeling for so long when it comes to this space has turned into some serious motivation to give this whole blogging thing a try again.

So what does this mean for the blog? Hopefully, it means more consistency and collaborations and just generally awesome content to share with y’all. But it also means it has to stay fun. Because, I’m not going to lie to you, I love my day job and I have an amazing group of friends that I love prioritizing over anything else. Gone are the days of me passing up on plans to sit at my laptop all weekend long to edit photos or write content, so while I promise to try my best to get you 3-4 posts a week, sometimes it just might not happen.

I have a lot more travel planned this year than last, I kicked off the year with a trip to Palm Springs (guide coming soon!) and San Diego, and February is downright insane with a trip to NYC, NH for skiing, and then Disney for a couple of races and a girls weekend. This already short month is going to feel even quicker. I’m also heading to Paris for a super short trip in April, I haven’t been since I was 16 so I’m super excited. there are a few other things in the work so I promise to keep you posted!

2018 Goals

I know this part is majorly delayed since we’re already a month into the new year, but I wanted to be intentional about my goals this year. If there’s anything last year taught me it’s that you can’t just flip a switch and start fresh, so I spent the month of January reflecting and resetting to set me up for the best year I could.

I stopped setting resolutions a few years back, instead opting for a word or theme of the year. And this year I picked three: transform, challenge, and create.

There’s a lot that goes into that word, physical, mentally, emotionally, professionally, as a blogger. I want 2018 to be the best year yet, and its off to a pretty great start if I do say so myself.

I did set a few goals that I want to share with y’all because putting them out into the world is the only way to help keep me accountable.

  1. Run more
  2. Eat better, be more intentional about food instead of just grabbing/ordering whatever is easiest. I have 5 days left of Whole 30 that definitely gave me a huge step in the right direction for this goal! 
  3. Volunteer more
  4. Read at least 1 book a month
  5. Continue to develop my photography (and drone) skills

Thank you for supporting me, for sticking around on Instagram, emailing me to find out when I’m coming back to blogging, and just generally always making me feel like I’m doing this for a reason and I’m sorry this update is so far overdue. The community we’ve built here is what makes this fun, it’s why I’ve always loved it and I’m excited to see what 2018 is going to bring for this space!!

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