Packing for a runDisney Event

Packing for a runDisney Event

I’m so excited, I’m heading to Florida this weekend for the runDisney Tower of Terror 10-miler! I love all things Disney, I was lucky enough to work there for a few months after graduation and my love for Disney and Disney World only grew! Now I try and get back there as often as possible, and because I love running so much I try and plan my trips around the runDisney events. They are hands down the best races I’ve run! I was supposed to run this 10-miler last year but unfortunately got sun poisoning and had to sit it out (note to future runDisney participants: don’t stand in the guest services line at Epcot in 90 degree sun with no water or food in your system for 2 hours the day of a race). Just don’t. Anyways, I’m really excited for round two this year. I’m going down with one of my best friends that I met while working down there; she lives in Atlanta and I don’t get to see her much so I’m very excited!

I’ve spent a lot of time at Disney in the last year, several times just for quick weekend trips. Because of this, I’ve kind of perfected the Disney packing thing. Here are my pointers for packing for a runDisney event!

1. Don’t forget your waiver, print it out and sign it ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about standing in the line at the expo.

2. If you’re checking a bag, you need to pack a carry on with your running gear, especially your socks and sneakers! If your bag doesn’t make it to Orlando, you can replace everything else easily enough, but you don’t want to have to worry about running in new socks or shoes the day before a race.

3. Pack some snacks, food at Disney is outrageously expensive and sometimes healthy snacks are somewhat hard to come by, so I try and bring some healthy snacks or whatever fuel I trained with to have during the race.

4. Pack a plastic bag or two for dirty running clothes and wet bathing suits. Trust me you’ll want it for the way back or everything else in your bag is going to be gross!

5. Carry your costume on the plane or pack it on top so it doesn’t get squished!

6. Pack a bathing suit and comfortable shorts/tshirt for when you’re at the resort.

7. You want comfortable, cool clothes for the parks and a rain coat that can be stuffed in a small pouch that you can carry in a purse/backpack to protect you from those pesky afternoon thunderstorms.

8. Bring a sweatshirt or a light sweater – it can get a little chilly at night this time of year!

9. Leave space in your bag and don’t overpack! You will undoubtedly buy stuff at the expo, in the parks, at the hotel, pretty much everywhere: Disney is in the business of making money and they are good at it. You will most likely end up bringing home something!

10. Clean t-shirt and shorts for the after race party! If you’re hanging out at the park party after you finish running, you’re going to want to change into something clean and comfy. I personally like to put on a long sleeve t-shirt or Element Half Zip and Nike shorts or Lauren James Shorties!

Try not to overthink it too much – when you’re at Disney you’re walking around so much and you’re hot and sweaty during the day so you want to be comfortable. My Disney uniform tends to be shorts and a t-shirt, but I know some people like to dress a little cuter when they’re on vacation, just make sure whatever you pack you can wear for long days of walking around. Comfy is key!! Remember you’re there for Disney vacation but you’re also there for a race, so you want to be smart. Make sure you’re hydrating and eating as well as you can to prepare! And try and get some sleep after those amazing fireworks go off!

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