decorating for christmas

i love the holidays and i think my favorite part is decorating the tree. i’ve been collecting ornaments since i was little, my parents always encouraged us to pick out ornaments whenever we traveled and a and i always exchange ornaments at chrismtas- she gets winnie the pooh ornaments, i get disney princesses, the tradition started when… Read more »

the fault in our stars book review

i’ve mentioned in a few posts now how much i love curling up with a good book to relax. reading is one of the few things that can make me truly forget everything else for a minute and just breathe. there’s something about it that allows me to disappear for a while into another world… Read more »

snow days

who doesn’t love a good snow day? in honor of all the kids in the d.c. area who are lukcy enough to have snow days today (i wish i was snuggled up in my pj’s watching movies rather than sitting at my desk) i decided i’d share how i spend my “snow day” yesterday. there are… Read more »