wednesday words of wisdom

i needed some positivity in my life this week, it’s been a stressful month and i’ve decided to try and get rid of as much of the negativity as i could to make room for some positive inspiration. i went on a search for 5 quotes that both inspired me and made me think about… Read more »

don’t judge a book by it’s cover

don’t judge a book by its cover:: it’s one of those sayings that we’ve all heard for 1,000 times, and when used in relation to people i think it’s such an important concept. in a society where looks and “beauty” hold a much greater importance than they should it’s important to remember to look past the exterior… Read more »

the travel bug – portland

i love to travel. i really mean love, i get antsy when i stay in one place too long and i think experiencing new cultures, places, food, people and everything else that goes along with traveling is one of the greatest things this world has to offer. i tend to jump at the chance to travel whenever… Read more »