the travel bug – portland

i love to travel. i really mean love, i get antsy when i stay in one place too long and i think experiencing new cultures, places, food, people and everything else that goes along with traveling is one of the greatest things this world has to offer. i tend to jump at the chance to travel whenever… Read more »

weekly words of wisdom

a little bit late is better than never. here is this week’s words of wisdom that have been on my mind this week. they center mostly around family and friends as i have been reminded time and time again over the last couple of months how important our family and friends are no matter how… Read more »


one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is a tradition my family has always stuck with. before we eat and after we say grace we all go around the table and have to say what we’re thankful for. being away from home this year (only the second time in my life!!) i’m hoping to bring… Read more »