23 years young

today is my 23rd birthday!! i love my birthday- who doesn’t? it’s an excuse to eat cupcakes and open presents. but one of my favorite parts of my birthday is when i get to sit down and go through my goals i set for myself the year before at my birthday and make a new… Read more »

{wednesday words of wisdom} i’m turning 23

this weeks wednesday words of wisdom are in honor of my birthday (which is on thursday!!!) 23 isn’t a big celebration birthday, it’s not 21 or 25, there’s no taylor swift song about it- it’s the limbo of your early twenties. because of this i feel like i’ve been reflecting more in the last few… Read more »

a dash of bree

i’m brianna, i’m a young professional living in washington d.c.  i grew up on the north shore of massachusetts and just graduated from catholic university here in d.c. and loved the city so much i decided to stay a while. this blog is about my life, the people, places and things i love. it’s my… Read more »