Exploring Mt Vernon

Fall decided to come back to DC on Friday and this New Englander couldn’t be happier. I love summer but I’m ready for the consistent crisp days that come with fall, so last weeks indian summer was rough for me. Since this weekend was absolutely perfect weather I wanted to get outside as much as possible… Read more »

Pumpkin Patch

If you’ve been around here for the last couple years you know that fall is my absolute favorite season! It shows up a bit later in DC than it does in Boston but one of my favorite parts of a DC fall is this little pumpkin patch that pops up down the street from my apartment…. Read more »

Fall Casual

This weekend was nothing if not productive, lots of cleaning, errands and getting the apartment into near perfect shape so I can finally share a reveal with y’all! I tried a little home improvement experiment and attempted to install new light switches in my living room, attempted being the key word. An electrician will be by… Read more »