Palm Springs Getaway

Planning a Palm Springs Getaway

The day after Christmas I hopped on a plane to escape the cold Boston weather (and I mean cold, the next day was when that cold snap with single digit temps kicked in and lasted for 2 weeks!) and headed west to California for a Palm Springs getaway.

Palm Springs Getaway

First stop was LA for some tacos, quick view of the beach, and to pick up a rental car so I could drive out to the desert and finally check Palm Springs off my travel bucket list.

I didn’t really know what to expect, other than some pretty incredible architecture, and of course the pink door, which I think actually made the trip that much better. I had done a little bit of research going into it, picking out the restaurants I knew we had to check out and picking out the couple of activities I knew we couldn’t miss, but the itinerary was very loose and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Palm Springs Getaway

I’ll do a more in depth guide with all of my recs at some point soon but for now I thought I’d share my tips for planning a Palm Springs getaway so you can hopefully enjoy your trip as much as I did!

  1. Pick a boutique hotel – they are so much better than the big chains, the decor is amazing and the small boutique feel really enhances the whole experience of the trip.
  2. Eat your meals at hotels – there are so many amazing hotels in Palm Springs, and they’re more like art and decor galleries than hotels. I think I probably said “we definitely have to come back and stay here next time” at least 10 times because there are just so many incredible hotels to explore.
  3. Plan to not plan – this was probably the most relaxing trip I’ve ever taken, and I think it’s because I just truly went with the flow. Some days we stayed at the hotel pool until 2:00, other days, we went out and explored for a little while and then went back to take a nap. I got the feeling that Palm Springs is all about the leisure of a trip, so take advantage of that vibe!
  4. Mix it up – there is so much to do, so don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit and hop in the car and drive to a different hotel to explore or hop on some bikes and head into town.
  5. Make reservations – if there are restaurants you really want to check out or if you’re not okay with eating at the bar, pick your dinner spots and make a reservation, things fill up quickly!
  6. Pick a hotel with complementary bikes – it’s the best way to get out and see all the amazing architecture throughout the city.
  7. Go in the fall/winter/early spring – Summers in Palm Springs are absolutely brutal, 110 and windy does not sound appealing to me. But I don’t particularly love the heat, so if that’s your jam, you do you.
  8. Fly into Palm Springs – my one regret about the trip was flying into LAX and driving out to the desert, it was a beautiful drive but gosh I had forgotten how bad California traffic is, so save yourself the time and pain and just fly right into Palm Springs!

We were there for 5 days and I’m already plotting when I can get back, it is such an incredible place and really is the best spot to get away, unplug, and truly unwind.

Have you been to Palm Springs or are you planning a trip? I’d love to hear your favorite spots!

Looking for more planning tips? Grab my trip planning how-to guide here and plan your next trip like a pro!

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