Enter to win a 20 shoe rack from Tidy Living!

Project Apartment: Tidy Living

Start organizing your life and enter to win a 20 shoe rack from Tidy Living!

Project apartment is coming together, slowly but surely. Since my living room redesign I feel like it feels so much more like home, there’s still a lot to do and first thing on the list is organizing. I have been on a mission to declutter since the beginning of 2017 and it’s been going pretty well so far but I’m still on a mission to reach tidy living status.

Since spring arrived very early here in D.C. I’m embracing it and doing my spring cleaning a little early too! If you’re in the same boat as me and need a little help to achieve tidy living I put together a list of tips to get you started!

1. Pick a space // start with sections and go one at a time, if you try and do everything at once, you’ll likely get overwhelmed and give up… or at least that’s what happens to me every time. Start with one area, I usually like to start with my closet/dresser, and then once that is done you can move onto the next!

2. Pull everything out // The best way to figure out what needs to go and what should stay is to pull it all out and sort it into piles.

3. Go through everything // Go through every single piece, whether it’s clothes or just stuff, and ask yourself when you last used it, when you’ll use it next and if you really need it. I have a 6 month rule, if I’m not going to or haven’t used it in 6 months it gets tossed.

4. Don’t be overly sentimental // I get really nostalgic and sentimental when spring cleaning which usually results in me keeping a whole bunch of crap that I don’t need or ever use. This year I’m trying really hard to be less sentimental, I’m not talking about getting rid of the important stuff, but I probably don’t need the envelope that someone sent me 2 years ago.

5. Put it all back // Once you’ve narrowed down what you’re keeping, it’s time to put it all back, which doesn’t mean just shoving it all in your closet or shelf so it will become a mess again. A major addition to my closet this year is a shoe rack and it has been life changing, and I’m in the process of replacing all the baskets in my built ins to make them look a bit nicer. But that stuff can add up fast and before you know it you’ve spent your grocery budget on bins, shelves, hangers etc., which, while necessary, is really not practical.

I recently discovered a new company called Tidy Living and they have some great organizational options for a really reasonable price. I’ve partnered with them to give you all 10% your purchase with the code “BREEWEST”, but we’re also giving away my favorite new addition to my closet. Enter below to win a shoe rack, this one holds 20 pairs and has been seriously helpful in diminishing some of my closet clutter which is really nice!

Enter to win a gorgeous 20 shoe rack from Tidy Living!

What are your tricks for tidy living? 

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