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Project Apartment – Window Inspiration

The apartment is finally coming together and I can’t wait to share some of it with you in the next couple of weeks! It’s still a work in progress and there’s definitely still a lot of work to be done, but I’m hoping with my parents visit at the end of the week it will be mostly finished!

Two of the things that have driven me absolutely insane about this apartment since I bought it are the light fixtures and the window treatments. Both are relatively easy things to change but I wanted to make sure whatever I changed them to were perfect so I’ve held off. Now that things are coming together I have been looking for window inspiration everywhere. 

window inspiration

window inspiration images via Pinterest

think I’ve settled on plantation shutters, I love how they seem to brighten up a space. they let in enough light (remember how important light is for project apartment?) while still offering a ton of privacy.

I’m on the fence about curtains, I have amazing moulding on my windows that goes right up to the ceiling so I’m having a hard time figuring out where to hang them. If you have some advice on how to hang curtains on windows like this or if you think I should skip them all together I’d love to hear it!

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