Red Carpet Round Up David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

Red Carpet Roundup

Last night’s oscars were great, I didn’t manage to stay awake to watch the whole thing, I was exhausted and since I hadn’t seen a single movie nominated I wasn’t as engaged as I usually am! But one part that I always love and was fully engaged in last night was the red carpet!

This year I thought the red carpet was a bit more boring than usual, I don’t know if it was the fashion or the questions being asked but I just didn’t get that same feeling I usually have when I’m watching the red carpet. That’s not to say the whole thing was a wash though, some of those dresses were absolutely incredible.

Here’s my red carpet roundup with my favorites of the night!

Red Carpet Roundup Lupita Nyongo

Lupita always looks incredible and she didn’t disappoint this year. The head to toe pearls looked incredible on her.

Red Carpet Roundup Anna Kendrick

I know Khloe didn’t think this dress was red carpet worthy but I think Anna Kendrick looks amazing. This dress is so elegant and classy and I think she looks gorgeous.

Red Carpet Roundup Jamie Chung

This dress is so stunning, I love the detail on such a classic silhouette and the layering of the navy over the nude is gorgeous.

Red Carpet Roundup Cate Blanchett

I think Cate Blanchett looks incredible in this super simple black dress. Maybe it’s my love of turquoise making me biased but I think the necklace truly pulls the outfit together.

Red Carpet Roundup Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is seriously adorable, I loved watching her interviews and I now can’t wait until Thursday because she dropped that little hint about Scandal this week. I love this dress though, it’s so classic and she looks stunning per usual.

Red Carpet Roundup Ansel Elgort

The men were killin’ it too, I love the blue tuxes!!

Red Carpet Roundup Eddie Redmayne

and of course… Neil Patrick Harris looked and sounded incredible. I thought his opening for the show was amazing!! And he and his husband are the cutest couple on the planet, I love them!

Red Carpet Roundup David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

all photos are via Popsugar

Do you have a red carpet roundup to share? What were your favorite looks from the night?

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